If I were an RPG

So AJ is taking a look at the races and was thinking about how things might look if my World were an RPG. Now that means we’ve been taking a look at character creation. How to keep a single character from overpowering another character is balancing act. Something that all RPGs have to take into consideration. At least you’d think that would be the case. But in most things that is not the case not 100% anyway.

But AJ’s giving it a shot. She’s trying to keep in mind me, and my brood, while giving the world a balanced look.

If you are interested in watching the information unfold, you can check out the google doc.


I’ll share some of the things AJ’s having issues with.

The first part was determining a scale. Is it better to use numbers like in D&D, or maybe a plus minus system like Gurps, or maybe a dot system like in the White Wolf stuff.

But my world isn’t set up like any of those really so AJ has her own scale at the moment it’s a little bit of all of those things thrown in together. Skills that each ‘race’ has is a bit more difficult because AJ isn’t sure what we can all do.

However, she did pick up on one downside to being Ascendant that is the reason behind Prometheus/Poet’s 180. So that was something. It’s all rather fun looking at this in a technical type way. AJ’s not working a D&D number system, more like a ranking system. This is how good you are compared to someone else.

Me I get to be a god – cause I’m the hero. And through me my crew is more powerful – it’s one of the perks of being touched by the umbra! A reason for everything we do in the story explained.

The document is ever changing so go ahead and give it a look comment if you can, I don’t know if AJ set up that way or not (I forget).

2 thoughts on “If I were an RPG

  1. “Me I get to be a god ā€“ cause Iā€™m the hero.” And because you’re awesome. True fact.šŸ˜Ž

    And The Mind of Nox as a RPG would be awesome. Just so you know.

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    1. Lol. AJ might actually let people play in it. She has a sure set up for that type of writing

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