No Outline to Cannon Fodder

So yesterday I said AJ had no outline. Her and her Alpha Reader were discussing a possible story idea. They’ve been throwing around ideas all week as a matter of fact and the one that really stuck with AJ was:

What if the kids were playing some sort of soul sucking game and Alex commented to me, Remember that time when I gave up my soul? And I’m like WHAT?

So Alex basically goes on to tell us the story that he now remembers since he has his soul back and we sort of broke the magic holding all those things at bay.

AJ has to write it. But I think we can manage 3000 words in two days.

But I won’t leave ya’ll hanging. AJ will post last weeks story Friday/Saturday/Sunday. And I think that will be the way we’ll do this from the get go.

AJ can plan and write the story this week. And then next Weekend you get this weeks story. This gives AJ 7 days to write the story instead of 4, since we could look up the prompt on Friday but we offer it to you on Monday, this will make it easier and give us a little more time to figure out what to write.

And remember I’ve got a new story coming to Wattpad on Monday. We’d really appreciate a few reads from ya’ll if you can manage. Check out yesterday’s post for the link.

Much appreciated!

And we have a story to write so I’m gonna let AJ get to it while it’s good in her head.

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