Not me but maybe

This prompt doesn’t really fit into my world. The devil takes your soul and gives it back needing a favor.

I can’t see turning that into anything useful in my world. But it could be fun little story to tell. AJ hasn’t thought about it. The world is getting back to the usual and it’s very much not the usual. But it’s life and everything will move on.

So maybe the story is more like a crossroads demon thing. Why did I sell my soul? To become a great cook? One of the best chefs? Or an artist who is alive and famous?

But whatever the reason why would the devil need my help?

What if it’s not my soul that was taken. What if it’s a demon who promises to help Dee? Sage is suffering because his wife is now suffering? Would I do that?

What would Alex say to all that? He is pretty big on hating demons right now.

What if it was pre book 2 where Alex saves me from my demons? Phobeter comes to me with his problem that only I can help. Maybe someone is killing off is nightmares for ghoulish things.

A thought anyway.

I don’t think AJ’s going to actually have a short story for this one. We are still dancing in a fog. Maybe it’ll get better soon.

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