Question of the Day

KM Weiland posed a question on facebook. “What is the inciting incident of your WIP”

AJ of course answered it.

It depends on which one you want as I have the book plot, the multi-book arc story, or the multi-book multi-arc overall story.

The inciting incident of the book is when my MC is first tasked with hunting down the dragon who robbed a bank and showed herself to the human world.

The inciting incident of the arc story is at the end of the first book (the plot above) when my MC finds out that he was supposed to die as a baby and that he has a twin sister.

The inciting incident of the overall story of the current multi-arc story is in the first chapter of the first book (the plot above) when he meets the blue-eyed man at the club who was sent to spy on him by the big bad.

AJ’s currently reading Save the Cat! writes a novel and going through the exercises for the Last Phoenix and this all sorts of plays into that. But right now she’s questioning whether or not the first book is about me, or Alex. And it really becomes more of a question which story is being told. Alex changes more than I do in book 1. He goes from trusting no one to trusting me and essentially forgiving me.

But if we look at the next larger picture. Does Alex grow beyond that one thing? Yes he’s an integral part of my life. But for the Ascendant and his own supernatural growth does he? He trusts more people. He accepts me, Ant. He’s my hero but the hero of the story? Is his story more interesting than mine? AJ wants to write Alex’s story. But it’s not my story. So I think we are going with I’m the hero of this story.

Because overall while Alex plays a big part of it, it’s still revolving around me. Me becoming Ascendant, then falling and fixing things, and ultimately saving the world. I mean isn’t that the chosen one’s shtick?