Me? A Villain?

I guess every character who is the bad guy should think they aren’t right? I mean that’s what makes a good villain. Someone you can sympathize with, someone who thinks they are doing the right thing.

As I mentioned earlier AJ’s planning a whole book where I’m perceived as the bad guy of the story. I don’t know how I really feel about that.

But then again I don’t think I’m a bad guy, though I guess with my recent rash of take overs I could be perceived as one. I am going to be changing the face of the supernatural world and all that. To some that could be bad I guess.

But there was a time, a time where I was selfish and I was the villain. I did the bad things with only my own self interest at heart. But I was a sixteen year old kid. I was stupid and selfish and it’s the most regretted action of my life. And I continue to make up for it everyday. While this event is a relatively new spot in my history it’s actually very well could have been the whole reason I am the way I am today. Sometimes these ideas happen like that for AJ.

The reason I go out of my way to save people or to find out the answers to the big question of ‘Why?’. Why are they attacking people? Why did they do that? Why should I take a life? All to answer the bigger question of what gives me that right? I’m not special. I’m just me. And before you start quoting prophecy or my past deeds to state that I am special. I am not special. I was born with a gift. Not unlike everyone else, my gift just happens to be rare and out there. But we all have a gift – even humans have a gift they just need to find it. This goes for my world and your world. We all have a gift. Some of us just seem out of the ordinary. But that doesn’t make me any more special than you.

AJ has to finish this weeks story. I think we’ll be changing up how things progress giving AJ time to actually finish the stories. This week is a lot off so we’ll try to finish it by tomorrow. We’ll see. AJ’s back on scheduled, everyone will be back on schedule next week so it’ll all be good I hope.

Anyway, I’d like to add a happy new year to everyone around the world. May it be a great year, and a better decade for you.

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