I am the villain

AJ’s been excited about this prompt. It’s a canon story so that’s good. Not all weekly challenges will be canon but some will.

I don’t want to share what it’s about tomorrow you’ll get AJ’s notes.

Today it’s my thoughts on the prompt.

I’m the bad guy. AJ intends to write a whole arc on this topic in the future A time when the world thinks I’m the bad guy cause the bad guys are lying to the world. So when it came to this AJ was like it’s a great prompt but what do we do. So instead of hinting at the future we are going to give you a glimpse of the past – a time when I was learning what it meant to be me.

A young and foolish padawan so to speak.

2 thoughts on “I am the villain

  1. Ooo! Sounds intriguing. :)

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    1. it’s something AJ’s been wanting to write since she started planning for this challenge lol. It was chosen to be first cause it was so inspiring.

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