A Plot but probably no story



1 minute

AJ has a plot which you’ll see below, but AJ hasn’t started writing it yet. It’s Christmas and they just moved into the house finally! So there is lots to do. She’s been to the old house 3 times to get things and has to go back a forth. But she doesn’t mind. The house is too quiet though, and when you talk it’s very echo-y.

Hunter is plagued with nightmares similar to Nox’s, Alex takes it upon himself to figure out what is going on.


One Paragraph Summary

Hunter is exhausted when Alex goes to take the kids to their classes, Hunter explains he’s not sleeping well. Alex goes into the dream world to see his dreams and finds a nightmare haunting him. Having dealt with one already, Alex handles the situation with a little fear and a lot of threat of sending Phobter’s killer after it. Alex puts a protection ward around Hunter and the rest of the kids all without telling Nox and stressing him out.

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