Elf on the Shelf Notes

As previously mentioned here are AJ’s notes on the impending story without my comments – that’s tomorrow!

As a side note, each week we’ll only be using one image to collect each of the weeks prompts together. As well as the tags and such, but those are more organization for us and not so much story wise. The tags will likely change as we figure out this stuff this week.

The Kennedy-Sétanta brood is given a mundane gift of the Elf on the Shelf by Dee and Sage but the strange little tradition turns even weirder when no one admits to moving the doll and wreaking havoc on Nox’s organized apartment causing all involved to figure out who is doing the dastardly deed.

Below this images contains the actual paragraph summary of the short story. AJ’s using the snowflake method to start as per usual. Above is the One sentence summary – next step paragraph summary! If you want to read the story without more than the basic information above don’t go below the image! (Note: All notes will contain this image to hide spoilers!)


Culprit: Eddie

Sage and Dee give the kids an Elf on the Shelf which Nox and Alex and the rest of the gang move around the apartment for the first twelve days of Christmas, but on the night of the thirteen everyone forgets to do so except that in the morning Nox wakes to a disaster seemingly caused by the innocuous little elf. While Nox has a panic attack the other clean up the glitter and mess and there is a silent conversation as Alex hunts down the culprit but everyone says they didn’t do it. He even confronts the children who vehemently deny it. After three days of horrific pranks and no one admitting to the deed Nox and Alex set up a camera with the help of Sage in order to catch the culprit red-handed only to find that the elf is floating around the room on unseen hands. On a whim, the next night Alex walks the dream version of their apartment to find Eddie projecting himself across the veils making a mess of the apartment explaining that he was only trying to help.






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  1. ambroseandelsie Avatar

    Oh. My. Gosh! Poor Nox! Especially the glitter. I almost choked on my Cheez-Its when I read that part and imagined his reaction. :lol:

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    1. Nox Avatar

      We’ll be careful we don’t want you to die. I hate glitter!

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