So Elf on the Shelf

Yeah, this is a stupid tradition a doll with magic?  Really?

When there is already magic in the world.  But then is Santa Clause real or not?  At one point AJ was thinking about maybe doing a Santa Clause real?  And have an adventure where he was – magic and all that.  But that felt excessively long.

But yesterday after we decided on the prompt we saw the following post.  It made me giggle.[0]=68.ARBOxiy-lW9Cq6afU5JeJquY1C6wnivMXPxpJXlv6rkgKU0hWPwNaAYlAEPOQwUEltIC1RNwOhpUbbr6I4I9WPki8xQ_XN6C3ge1JyLQYMkQ_w_TtcWInnfCF2MipqD4F1AuMk-PEikahIsJELLTd28rakqxI6sM6HBBgyC2OXSzZWv27eh5FeUGjCj4Dy0-7pfwHR4Z_oVn0I94yeMHFNJNz4J5fVEFRLQJVOeB-ieGtjd5X8PvzBpC_UnZCoEUTROz5DHH-icVP-TWu9Vu4DP0sj1TkT3X5nenso1-BZxPi1OauF1TVPtaXD_cso0qs8L5hSZE9modQkTPDZ5fV-5jaNVN&tn=-R

Mine: TinselTits The Booty Shakin Back Door Lover

Alex’s is Perky The Orgasmic Man Slammer

And the two fit very well if you ask me.  It’s amusing to think of calling your elf on the shelf something a little more naughty.  It makes all sorts of images stick out in my head.  You see all those elf on the shelf pics of him doing things, I can just see all the sex related ones that could befall this elf if it were just me and Alex.

But it’ll never be just me and Alex.  I don’t know if I like that, that we skipped over the just us part.  I mean we skipped everything else so what does that matter.  Except I like my alone time with Alex.  That’s probably why I’m pretty strict on our 3 hour lunches.  At least I try to be when there isn’t some epic drama going on in our lives.  Alex is mine.  And I only want to make him happy.

My post turned a depressing direction I hadn’t intended.  That’s me and my rambling brain – sorry.

Tomorrow you’ll get a bit about what the short story will be about sans any comments from me just AJ’s notes.

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