Ten Year – part 3



6 minutes


My father came home as we arrived at the house. He wrapped me up in a great big hug, “Mijo it’s so good to see you.” He gave his husband a smile and we walked into the house and his phone rang.

He talked while I carried my things to my childhood bedroom. If Sean had come we’d be spending the night in the guest bedroom. Sean had seen my room, but he refused to sleep in the small twin sized bed when he came so we slept there. It was good to be back home in my room, where it was safe. Not that I wasn’t safe in New York.

“Nox, mijo, ” my father called from downstairs. He was down trodden, and over worked from the looks of it. “I have to go, Mr. Laurie has gotten himself into a bit of a bind – again – and I need to go discuss things with the judge again. If I don’t the man might end up in county.”

I nodded, “It’s alright, I can go in with Dad.”

My dad frowned, “It’s my kitchen.”

I grinned, “I know, I won’t cook I promise. Be like old times.”

My dad didn’t believe me. I promised him so I wouldn’t cook but that didn’t mean I wouldn’t do anything else. I enjoyed the little things in the business, waiting tables was always fun. Even as a chef I did it on occasion, my boss thought I was a fool, but I had many repeat customers just from that alone.

It was a busy night, I saw a lot of old class mates, a lot of families I’d grown up with. Most of them had stayed in town but not all of them. Jace and Mia were still together, married with two kids. Sage had met a girl in London and they were in town together. Max was dating a blonde who was a few classes below us. Drew and Mandy were still making scenes, my dad warned me about them before I walked in on them in the bathroom.

And then there was the Kennedy’s. I hadn’t expected to see them, and I sure as fuck hadn’t expected to see Alex with a drop dead gorgeous red head who couldn’t keep her hands off of him. Was I jealous? Yes. Should I be? No.

They were sitting at my next table to deliver food too so I put on a happy smile and I walked over there like I hadn’t seen who it was. I set the food down in front of them and refilled their wine glasses. “Is there anything else I can get you before your meals arrive?”

“No thank you.” Mr Kennedy said.

I smiled, “Maybe we can talk later, Alex.” I said. He looked up and a frown flashed over his face before it was lost.

“I wasn’t sure you’d recognized me.”

I laughed, “I could never forget you. I gotta get back to work, it’s busy tonight. Maybe we can catch up later.”

Alex nodded, “Yeah, sure.” He turned back to the red head and when I looked back her hand was back to kneading his cock between his legs.

I sighed as I went back to work. I brought out their meals and their desserts all without any words. The red head was all hands on whenever I looked their direction. Such a tramp.

The night remained busy and I found myself alone walking through the park at near midnight. Dad had offered to drive me home when he closed up but I decided that I wanted to walk, I needed some fresh air.

I wound up at the swings and sat down and remembered the last time I’d been there.

A voice from behind me made me jump out of the swing, “I thought I’d find you here.”

I turned to see Alex standing behind me. “Reminiscing.”

“Remember the time Jace jumped off and broke his arm.” Alex said sitting down in the swing opposite mine facing so we could talk when I sat back down. Like old times.

“Yeah he cried like a baby. But to be honest it was a nasty break.”

“Yeah.” Alex said.

We sat in strained silence, “Where’s your girlfriend?”

“She’s asleep. I wore her out.”

I laughed like it was funny but it wasn’t really what I wanted to hear. “Where’s your boyfriend? Lawyer right?”

“Sean?” I looked over at him and frowned, how’d he know, “He has to work. He always has to work. And he’s not exactly my boyfriend, he’s still living in the closet.”

“That has to suck.” Alex chuckled, “And not in a good way.”

“He sucks at that too.” I laughed.

“Then why are you with him?”

“Why does everyone care why I’m with Sean?” I growled.

Alex sighed, “Just making conversation.”

“Your girlfriend knows that was a family place right, she probably should keep her hands to herself in places like that where kids can see.”

“You saw?”

“I wish I hadn’t.” I sighed. “I should get home. My Dad is planning an early breakfast before my Father can slip out to work again.”

“No problem pretty boy.”

I smiled shyly at the term of endearment. “I’ll see you tomorrow night Alex.” I gave him a shy wave and I felt like I was fifteen again crushing on him. Fuck he was gorgeous and even with that girl all over him it was still alluring. He would always be what I compared everyone else to. No one ever measured up. How could they when I’d idolized him. He was perfect, except I knew he wasn’t.

“I’ll walk you home.” He said as he stepped in beside me as I walked to my parents house.

“You don’t have to Alex, I can take care of myself.”

He only smiled, “I’m still going to walk you home.”

I sighed and let him. We didn’t talk. He walked me to the gate, picked up the latch and pushed it open and I stepped through, closing it behind me like I used to do as a kid and turned back to him. “Thank you. I feel so much safer when you see me to the door.”

He chuckled. “I’ll see you tomorrow. Maybe you can convince your not boyfriend to come out.”

“That’s not likely he’s out of town. And he doesn’t like coming here. He has this thing against small town mentality.”

Alex laughed, “Who doesn’t. Everyone knows everyone else’s business.”

I sighed, “Night Alex.” I turned and walked into my parents house and tip toed upstairs so I didn’t make the floor boards creek and wake my parents. It was like old times again.

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