Theoretical Magic

There is one universal rule to magic.  The rule states that energy can be neither created nor destroyed only transformed. Now I hear you saying that’s a science rule – physics and chemistry to be exact.  You are right,  it’s the law of conservation of energy, and magic is just energy.

We, as Venatori, all understand the theoretical workings of what Magnus do.  We define our entire abilities on this theoretical workings. A level 1 Magnus can only manipulate energy that already exists.  So if heat is not present in some form, then a Magnus of level 1 cannot use fire.  But what about the absence of heat? Can a Level 1 Magnus in theory freeze something? Theoretically, yes, in the absence of heat, a Level 1 Magnus could transfer the absence of heat from an ice cube to another object – say a grape for this instance, and freeze the grape while melting the ice cube.  Theoretically.  But in reality, is it possible?  Or are you even transferring the absence of heat to the grape, or transferring the heat of the grape to the ice cube?  Does it even matter?  It’s a transfer of energy!

So what about Level 5, who look like they create elements from nothing?  If the law of conservation of energy is true then where does all this energy come from? Two answers could be possible, but since there is no scientific way of measuring magic, it’s really hard to say which answer is correct, or maybe it’s both.

The first answer is the magic comes from with in.  That each Magnus is born with extra energy.  Energy that is stored in our cells and that we can expend as necessary.  But does this mean that we recharge in some way since there has never been a case of Magnus just ‘burning out’? Or do we have an infinite amount of power – a connection to the source of all magic or energy?

I postulate that it’s all the same thing.  That we tap into the surrounding energy to recharge our cells energy that we use to create the elements out of ‘thin air’.  We are connected to the world around us – our source of all energy.  And this energy is with in us all.

The birth and survival rate of Minorem implies that in order for the human body to survive the birth of a supernatural being requires more energy than the human possess.  The mothers who survive ultimately use the inborn magic of the Minorem allowing them to survive gestation and birthing.  As this only happens with Magus children, never on record has a non-magnus child been born of a post-birth living mother, suggests all Magnus are born with a replenishable and usable energy source.

But whether it’s a connection to the unseen force, we call the Umbra or just the world around us and our bodies converting energy into some other form is unknown.

[Grade: A+]

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