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AJ’s editing on top of writing.  We have no new content to post today we might later but we don’t have any at present.  So we’ll talk editing for the next couple days and you can yell at me if you don’t like it.

Though content might slip out if I don’t find something else to talk about.  And I’ve already missed 5 days this year.  Such a bad year… but that’s five days in 3 years I’m pretty happy with it overall.

Anyway.  AJ is editing the First Hunt.  So this is the VERY first time new readers will see me.  Get to hear me and fall in love.  So this opening Paragraph needs to be strong and pull you in.

Let us hear what you have to say about it.

Dorian called me into his office and was promptly pulled away from his desk as soon as I sat down. Dorian’s office was like most of the other offices in The Academy, probably like all the offices of every Venatori anywhere. The large almond tube monitor, from way back in the 90s, sat on top of the almond-colored CPU box. The antique rattled away with loud fans. The keyboard was missing printed letters from overuse. Dorian’s whole office was sparse, nothing on the walls, not even a picture on his desk. It was bland.

AJ’s working very diligently on MRUs Motivation Reaction Units.  She’s taking each scene that matches the scene/sequel goals to decision and working through each paragraph making MRUs.  The first scene is completed and the grammar and the spelling have been made.

Would you be interested in seeing it?

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