All Day in Bed



5 minutes

I sat unmoving while Alex cleaned up the dripped ice cream and syrup on the floor in our bedroom. I felt him more than saw him. I knew from the connections we shared he was concerned particularly when I didn’t move. But moving might mean crying, and I was doing my damned hardest not to make it about me. I just needed a few moments. And Alex understood. He hadn’t said anything, he just went about his things and when he came back he bounced on the bed and grabbed the back of my shirt and pulled me towards him.

It was more automatic than anything as I curled up with my back to the love of my life and he curled around me. The time stretched on and Alex pressed a gentle kiss to the back of my neck, “I could stay lie this all day, but you can’t be comfortable.”

I smiled. “I’m good, better with you around me.”

“Good.” he sighed, “But I’m bored, I now you are against the whole TV in our bedroom, but…” He let the sentence trail off. “I’d suggest some more sex, but I think you aren’t up for it right now.”

I shrugged, “I’m sorry.”

Alex pressed another kiss to my neck, “Don’t be, we can’t be all sex all the time, even as much as we both would like it.”

“Dorian bought a TV, it’s in the closet.”

“And you didn’t let me know.” Alex got up in a hurry and headed into the closet.

“He said it was an early birthday present for you.”

“For me?” Alex said dragging it out of the closet. “And you kept it hidden.”

“No. you just don’t pay attention.” I grinned as I sat up and watched Alex unbox his new toy. The guitar sat down quietly at the end of the bed and I felt a stab of guilt wash through me, it hadn’t gone as planned at all.”

Alex sighed, “It’s okay Nox. Home alone with you is perfect. Best Birthday ever.”

“You said that last year.”

“It was until this one.” He looked back at me with a grin, “And next year will be better than this year, even if you do jack shit for it. Nox. I get to spend it with you. And that is more than I could ask for. I don’t mind my birthday so much as long as I have you to spend it with.”

“You are worth worshipping.”

Alex chuckled. “I’m not but, thank you.”

I rolled over and sat up. “You are to me.”

Alex shook his head, “You are some weirdo anyway.”

I stuck my tongue at him and he replied in kind. We were childish sometimes. The kids thought it was funny. There was one plus to being me. I was a pretty good handy man. Mostly because I could do the work of three or four men, all from across the room. Alex was fumbling through the box while I put holes in the wall in the exact pattern we needed, and found the studs the first time. I didn’t need to see as I put t he TV on the wall and Alex took a step back and frowned, “I could do this.”

“I know but if I do it the sooner you can get back in bed with me.”

Alex turned around and gawked. “Who says I want to spend my birthday in bed with you?” There was a mischeiveous glint in his eyes. He wanted me to persuade him.

“I could make it worth your while.”

“Oh can you?” He said as he crawled up the foot of the bed over the top of me and forced me on to my back. The TV was hung safely on the wall and I let the power drop around me. Alex’s body was inches above mine, fully clothed and we were ready for a day we weren’t having. Alex chuckled, “You are wearing just the perfect amount of clothes.” He looked down the length of our bodies and smiled before he met my gaze again. “But I think I’d rather have you naked. Can you do that?”

“Lock the door.” I nodded.

Alex got up from the bed leaving me wanting and needing his body heat, but I lifted my hips off the bed and shucked my boxers. I didn’t sleep naked, it was a thing I had but this wasn’t about sleep and with the door locked my anxiety was lessened. The kids weren’t going to walk in on us doing something naughty or even nothing at all while I lay her naked.

Alex shucked everything but his boxer breifs. I could see his buldge which made me shudder and my own cock jump.

Alex grabbed the remote and pulled the blankets down as he crawled in bed. He covered me up and them himself. Turned the TV on and it magically worked. The great thing about smart TV’s these days was all you really had to do was hook it up to the wifi and you had tv to watch. Alex curled around me as he flipped through our choices and when he settled on a romantic comedy he put the remote down and then wrapped his arms around me, “At least try to watch it.” He whispered as he shifted so his body was pressed tightly against mine. His hands wandered, but never too far, never to the point where I would be completely distracted from the movie. Though I did wish he would have, that would have be good too, but there was plenty of time for naked fun – we had almost all day.

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