Happy Halloween

But more importantly today is Alex’s Birthday. In 2019 he’ll be 29. He’s almost 30… dude, we are getting old!

What are we going to say when we are 300? What will the world be like then? Too far to think about and way to depressing too.

AJ has a story in progress for Alex’s birthday but I’ve not been cooperating, between migraines and being stuck in a different me for a few weeks her writing has slumped. And NaNo starts tomorrow and she’s gearing up for Game Off trying to anyway. We’ll see how that goes.

My world revolves around you Alex. You may think everything around me takes precedence, but that’s only because it’s important, I do it all for you, so we can live a life we were meant to. I’m sorry it sucks, and our life is in danger all the time, but I’m glad I have you to share it with me.

Here is the start to Alex’s birthday this year:

Top Last year

How does one top last year’s birthday present when you went pretty extravagant the first time? Actually it’s pretty easy, but this time it wasn’t just going to be a simple bit of planning. No, this year I’d have to sneak around, hide things from Alex for a long period of time. I knew how to dance. I knew how to cook. I could draw fairly well. But I never really played any music before. And for Alex music was a big part of his growing up.

It was a side line – a money maker. It reminded him of him mom. The guitar he owned was hers. Much like the leather jacket he liked to wear – the one that smelled perfectly like Alex. This years birthday present would be two fold – buy a new guitar for Alex, and learn how to play one song that I would record and even try to sing, though I wasn’t sure about that part, to play at a strategic moment in Alex’s birthday dinner as his present was revealed to him. At least that was the plan and we all know how plans go. It was always busy around here so I hoped that with Rider’s help I could make this work. The only thing I had to do was NOT think about it until his birthday. That was going to be hard.

Rider was curled up on the couch with Fae and Quinn. Those two seemed to flock to their Alpha with little more prompting. I don’t know if Rider felt the need to protect them and his ‘call’ was too strong to resist or if they just did it out of instinct.

Quinn spoke softly as she always did, “I’m not a wolf, I don’t have a wolf instinct. You think way too loud Nox.”

I sighed, “Don’t tell your dad.”

She turned around and looked at me and smiled, “I would never. I can help.”

“It’ll be weird if you were in my head, Quinn, your dad would know something is up.”

She sighed, but I sat down next to her and smiled wrapping my arm around her shoulders and she leaned into me. “But I appreciate the offer.”

Quinn didn’t call me Dad like the rest of the kids, it felt awkward to her. So I never pushed it. She wasn’t my kid and she called Alex Dad more often than not so that was progress. My kids on the other hand all called Alex Da. They dropped the second d in order to distinguish between the two. Laker said it was a thing they saw on TV – a British show or something. Fae and Drake fell into the Dad/Da category my brothers thankfully didn’t which included Matt. Matt wasn’t officially my kid, or our kid, he was ours by marriage sorta. Though the boys were only sixteen Laker and Matt had found what everyone else wanted now instead of years later. Soul mates? Maybe, I think it was need. Matt needed us, and Laker needed to find love to accept himself. It was hard being a twin, and following in your twins shadow. Laker needed Matt. And we all loved Matt. It was really a win win all around.

“What song are you going to learn?” Rider asked.

I bopped Quinn on the head, “You weren’t supposed to tell anyone.”

“It’s Rider. You were going to ask him to help you anyway.”

I growled playfully at the pair. There was a growing connection, and I had a feeling it wasn’t just the Alpha bond.” I wasn’t sure how Alex would feel about that.

Quinn pushed me away, “Ewwww.”

I laughed, she was only ten after all. Still a few years before she even started liking boys.

“You are so gross.” She stood up and stomped away.

I shifted over to the boys taking Quinn’s vacated spot and Faelen leaned into me instead of Rider. Rider giggled, “I’m still not the big Alpha on the block with you around.”

I shrugged, “Sorry.”

He smiled, “It’s alright. I don’t mind playing second fiddle to you, my King.” My eyebrow rose and Rider just laughed. “Fair play.”

I sighed, “Fine. I’m gonna go learn how to play guitar you can cover for me while I’m doing that? I’ll let you know which appointment block it is.”

Rider nodded, “Alex is either going to hate you or love you. And I don’t know which.”

“I think he’ll like it. You don’t?”

“No I think he will like it, I just think he’s gonna hate all this sneaking around. He knows you too well. We all do. Fucking open book remember. You can’t hide anything.”

“I can too.” I pouted.

Rider laughed, “So what song?”

I shrugged, I dunno I was hoping the instructor would be able to help me pick one.

“Good luck. I’ll do my best but I’m not a good liar.”

“Don’t lie.” I smiled and patted my brother on the head. Faelen shifted back to Rider as I stood up. “I have a guitar to go buy.”

“Like you know what to look for.”

I smiled at him, “I’m not an idiot.”

“Yes you are.” Rider called after me.

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