Last High School Post

Yesterday was AJ’s last post for the highschool story that was written.  So today you will likely just get me rambling on about it.  AJ’s working on my gift to Alex for his birthday which is in 4 days.  So we’ve a bit of work to do, as soon as AJ gets that going further we’ll start posting it.  And in November we’ll hopefully post more of the High School AU.  Hopefully.

You might also get some world lore stuff that AJ is working on.  But we’ll see how that goes.

Right now AJ is in First Age mode, as the site picked up as it does right before every NaNoWriMo.  It’s like clockwork lol.  So there’s been a bit of scrabbling to stay caught up with those and write.  So we’ll see where we go this week.

Wish us all luck and for those of you taking on NaNo this friday we wish you a good luck too!

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