HSAU: Max’s Arrival Part 5


I followed Nox out into the hall way but he was stopped by a girl, a not popular girl, one of the smart girls. Sasha I think her name was. They talked and I heard her ask Nox to Homecoming. He agreed with the caveat of asking his dad first. I growled and walked the other way. What was I chopped liver? He fucking asked me. I said no, but still, that doesn’t mean I want him to go with some random girl. The rest of the day was annoying. And I had half a mind not to meet him after school, but I needed to check on Max. He was waiting for me at the grassy hill that we hung out at. He smiled at me and I just nodded and he fell in step next to me. “Something wrong?” he asked.

“Not a thing.”

“If you say so.” he said. “I have something to ask you.”

“What?” I growled.

“Sasha Gillmore asked me to take her to homecoming. I told her I would ask my dad, but I wanted to ask you first. If you say no, I won’t even bother asking my dad, and tell her he said no.”

I stopped and looked at him, “You’ll lie to a girl because I don’t want you to go?”

He shrugged, “It’s not really a lie. I mean I really want to go to homecoming but I can go stag and just go, I don’t need a date.”

I sighed and took his hand in mine and relaxed a little, “I don’t want you to go with her.”

“Is that what was wrong?” He asked.

“Something like that.”

“You were jealous?” he smiled.

“I don’t share well.”

He squeezed my fingers and leaned into me, “So I’m something you feel is yours?”


Nox was all smiles. I liked seeing him happy. It was just as good as making Max happy except this made other parts of me happy too. A block from his house he stopped and looked down at our hands. He sighed, “My dad can’t see us like this.”

I knew that and I still felt a little bad for him, he had to hide his feelings. But he had his reasons. Nox looked at me and frowned and then let go of my hand. “Max will be happy to see you.” He started walking to his house but I grabbed his arm and pullled him close and pressed a kiss to his lips. It was soft and tender and not rushed at all. He relaxed into me and made the cutest little sound that went straight to my cock. He broke the kiss and pressed one to my check and whispered, “You happy to see me?”

I laughed, “Very.” I said and pushed him away, “Let’s go see Max before we both get too carried away.”

Nox followed me as I headed to his house, he somehow managed to be first and open the gate for me. Probably better that way, instead of me looking like I owned the place. Nox’s mom was sitting on the porch nursing a lemonade. “Max is upstairs in Ant’s room. Show Alex the way.” She looked at me with a bright smile, “And Alex make yourself at home, you are always welcome here.” She winked at me, “Even if Kai says other wise.”

“Yes, ma’am thank you.” I answered quickly as I rushed inside. I knew my way around his house already, but I followed Nox upstairs and down the hall to Max’s room. Nox pointed polietly, “My room, Luce’s room. And my parents room.” He pointed down the opposite hall for his parents, and then pushed open a door to the bath room “Ryan’s room.”

“Hey”, his little brother shouted, “I’m in here.”

Nox pointed at the third door, “That’s Ry’s room, bathroom is across from Ant as you can see. Kitchen is down stairs, Dinner is at 6. I’m sure Mom made enough for you too.”

He gave me a small smile, “I’m going to go do my homework and chores.” Nox shuffled his feet a little then turned to leave, pushing open his own door and slipping inside leaving me alone in the hall waiting on what I had no idea. So I cracked open the door and didn’t knock.

Max was sitting in bed looking dishevealed but in good shape, “They making you stay in bed?”

“I was napping. I’m so tired all the time. Doctors said I should sleep and then try to do some walking.” He grinned at me, “You wanna help me walk down stairs. Mrs. Durante said they have some video games.”

“You sure?”

Max laughed, “I’ve been sitting in bed for days. I want out.”

“Come on.” I said dropping the rest of Max’s school work on the desk in the room and helped him out of bed. My arm slung around his waist and his around my shoulders. It wasn’t quite so easy to do going down the stairs but we made it.

Ryan had moved from the bathroom to the den and was playing video games, “Mind if we join you?” I asked.

He looked up and smiled at us, “Sure. The extra paddles are in the box.” He said nodding towards the box that was pulled out from under the TV.

For the next few hours we played video games until Mrs. Durante called for dinner. Ryan rushed off quickly and I heard foot steps coming down the stairs and saw Lucy and Nox coming down chattering with each other. Nox was animated and it looked good on him. He was never really like that at school. But this was his safe place. His home, I had to remember that we weren’t in school.

He stopped next to the couch, “Max you need any help?” He grinned at me, “Go sit down and eat before Ryan eats it all, I’ll help Max.”

“I’m good pretty boy.” I said. “He is heavy though, you can help us walk to the kitchen.

He grinned at me and that was all it took for us to both be hoisting Max up and walking to the kitchen. Max was full of grins. He liked being center of attention, he was going to be sucking all this up and he’d be a nightmare. So fucking spoiled.

Max laughed. “I had surgery what do you expect.”

“I said that out loud?”

Nox grinned, “You did.”

There was seven plates around the table and once we got Max seated Nox and I were sitting next to each other in front of a tossed salad, a large pan of lasagna, tons of garlic bread and something else I couldn’t place. I think I stuffed myself with dinner, we all sat and chatted even after our plates were done. We never did this as a family at my house, it was all pretty much fend for yourself my parents were so busy. This felt good.





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    For the record, Nox’s mom rocks. Plain truth.

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