HSAU: Max’s Arrival Part 4


Alex had just left, and now he was back at my house walking me to school, and he was going to walk me home. But that wasn’t because of me, that was because of Max, he’d be here when we got out. I liked the idea of seeing Alex in my house on purpose. But I couldn’t shake the thought that if my dad caught him last night that he’d never be allowed in my house again even to see Max. And that was a problem for me.

Even though Alex had taken my hand to walk, when we neared school, he moved a little away from me and Drew. He gave me a nod, “I’ll see you later.” As he drifted off to his normal stomping grounds on the grassy hill. I sighed as I watched him be greeted by his friends, Mandy ran up to us after giving Alex a side long glance. “So he’s walking you to school? He going to take you to home coming.”

Drew laughed, “Alex doesn’t do dances, babe.” He said to cover up the fact he’d turned me down.

Mandy laughed, “I bet you could get him to go. I mean who wouldn’t want to go with you.”

I shrugged, “He doesn’t want to go.” It wasn’t hard to understand, “And I don’t even know if I can go.” Even with Alex’s valiant attempt to get my father to lighten up I wasn’t sure that was even a possibility. But who knew, stranger things had happened.

Homeroom went past and I seated myself in my seat in science class, but instead of moving the stool to the far end I left it where it was. I wasn’t sure what was happening at school. Alex had slept in my bed, had even kissed me and held my hand on the walk to school. But he grew distant the moment we came into the school zone. I didn’t want to make any assumptions.

Alex was there shortly after I was, he pulled the chair out and it scraped against the floor as he dragged it a little closer to me. He sat down and rested his arm flat on the table next to mine. He gave me an soft smile and rested his head on his hand like he’d done everyday since school started. The sides of our arms touched and he pressed his knee against my leg. It was distracting trying to take notes for the lecture on molecules and their ions and such. I did the best I could without moving from touching Alex. But he was asleep and I wondered how much sleep he’d gotten last night. Or if this was how he learned. The teacher didn’t seem to mind. At least he wasn’t snoring like Jimmy three tables over. His table mate had to keep kicking his chair to wake him up.

The bell rang and I gave Alex a smile as he woke up and made to leave for class. “I’ll see you later.” I said with a small wave.  I saw Alex again at lunch. He smiled at me and went about his business and headed towards the grassy hill. Mandy sat down next to me, “So you and Alex? A thing? Drew says he spent the night.”

I glared across the table at Drew for telling Mandy that, “It wasn’t like that.”

“So he didn’t?”

“He did, but he just slept while I was an emotional wreck.”

Mandy nodded her head, “Sure Nox. I can believe Alex Kennedy just laid in bed with you to sleep.”

I shrugged and sighed as I stood up, “Believe what you want Mands, but that’s what happened.”

Drew grinned over at his girlfriend, “I can say there was no naked ness while I was a wake.”

I rolled my eyes, “You’re a perv.”

Drew laughed, “You know it. I was just watching out for you.”

“I know.” I nodded.

I left the table and headed to the office to make my photo copies of my notes. I didn’t leave any additional notes. Even though I was tempted to do so. But I had no idea what I’d write. I wasn’t girly enough to doodle hearts all over the header or anything. So I just handed them to him on the grassy hill. He looked up at me with a smirk. “You don’t have to keep doing that.”

“Yes I do.” I said. I shook the papers so he’d take them and his hand reached out and his fingers brushed against mine. I closed my eyes at the soft touch as his fingers slid down to take the papers I’d made for him. “I’ll meet you here after school so you can come see Max.”

Alex nodded with a smile, “Okay pretty boy. It’s a date.”

I felt the blood rushing to my ears and turned on my heels with a wave, “See ya later.”

I heard Jimmy laugh as I left, “I’ve never seen him run so fast. I think Alex has a fan.”

“Shut up Jimmy!” was the last thing I heard as the door closed behind me and I headed straight for my locker and then I hoped to class without any more rumors getting started. But that didn’t happen.

Sasha Gillmore came up to me in the hall, one of the few other students who was allowed to wander the halls without a pass at any time of the day like myself. She smiled at me, “Since you aren’t with Mia anymore, I was wondering if you’d be kind enough to take me to the Homecoming Dance.” She chuckled softly, “I know you like boys, but maybe you could do me this solid.” She looked past me to the double doors to where Alex sat, “I saw you and Alex holding hands this morning. Alex won’t go to the dance and you know it. And I know you are grounded, but if you go with me I bet your dad would let you go.”

I sighed. “I’ll ask my dad if I can go. And if he says yes, then yeah, I can take you. Alex already said no to me anyway.”

She frowned, “I’m sorry to hear that, though you should have known better, he’s never done a dance in the six years he’s been in school. I don’t know what you see in that loser anyway.”

I interrupted her but she kept talking, “He’s not a loser. He just .. I don’t know a rebel.” I growled. “Be nice, or you’ll find yourself at the wrong end of that shame stick.”

Sasha sighed, “You are right. I’m sorry. But you’ll ask.”

I nodded, “Yeah, fine, I’ll ask. I gotta go.”

She nodded, “Me too. Let me know what your Dad says, I need to make other arrangements if he says no.”

“Whatever Sasha.” I said as I walked past her with little more said. I really didn’t want to deal with her again – not today.




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