HSAU: Max’s Arrival Part 1


I didn’t know if he was worth it. Worth all this trouble. He gave me an out. And that morning instead of after school I dropped off all those things I said I would and knew Nox wouldn’t be around. His mother gratefully took them and told me she could give me a ride to school and if it had been someone else’s mom I might have thought she was hitting on me, but she wasn’t.

I was late to science and Nox was still perched on his stool at the far end of the table. He knew things were trouble already. He gave me a weak smile and that was it. We didn’t talk about anything like the rest of the students in class when we were supposed to be working on our joint science projects. I drifted off to sleep and jolted awake when the bell rang. Nox was gone before I even opened my eyes. Yeah dropping off those things was probably a good thing. He wanted nothing to do with me after I told him no to that stupid dance. I didn’t want to see him get crowned King with some snippy little girl. It made me growl just thinking about them using him.

I made it through the morning classes and found folded Notes stuffed into the vents of my locker. There was a note this time, I noticed you didn’t take any notes when you were awake so I’ll give you mine.

How did he expect me to pull of failing if he kept giving me his notes? Not that I rally intended to fail this year, but I had to be prepared to stay another year with Max. But then maybe staying with the Durante’s would be good for him – they were all straight A students even Ms bubbly blonde. Though she didn’t advertise that.

After school I visited with Max. His door was closed when I got there and I waited for a while before I realized it might not open so I knocked.

That was when I saw Lucy Durante leaving his room with a grin on her face. She twirled her hair and smacked her gum. “I guess I’ll be seeing you tomorrow too.” She said to me.

I stepped inside and looked at Max then looked out the door at the ass of Pretty Boy’s twin sister. She was cute, but he was cuter. “What was that about?” I looked back at Max.

He held up a pack of books and papers, “She brought me my homework.”

He rolled his eyes, “She said she would help me and I guess she is starting now. I guess I’ll be staying with them. Alex I don’t want to stay with that goodie goodie family. Why can’t I stay with you?” Max whined.

“Because when you are released you need 24/7 care and my parents can’t do that, and I they won’t let me miss school.” Which sucked because what was I going to learn anyway. I sighed. “It’ll be good for you, maybe you’ll graduate this year. Don’t you think it’s about time we did that.”

“I guess.” Max sighed. “You will come visit.”

“Everyday.” I said. “And not because of who I’ll see. We aren’t exactly talking anymore.”

“What did you do?” Max accused me.

“I didn’t do anything. He’s needy and clingy and a ball of fucking stress I don’t need.”

Max just nodded his head, “Sure. And that raging hard on you get whenever you see him, or catch a whiff of his scent in his room is going to go away just like that.”

“He’s made it pretty obvious…”

“No Alex, Lucy said he asked you to Homecoming and you said no. He cried himself to sleep last night.”

“What? How does she know?”

Max sighed, “Thin walls? I don’t know but she heard his conversation and went to sleep with him because he was so sad.”

Fuck me! “But see what I mean, he breaks because I said no. He thought he did something wrong when I didn’t show up at school because I was helping you out all day.” I complained. It sounded stupid when I said it out loud.

Max shrugged. “Sounds a lot like he likes you, and you keep rejecting him. You really do sabotage anything good. Makes me wonder why I’m still around.”

“You’re my best friend.”

“Why Alex? Because I do whatever you want?”

“No.” I growled. “You make my day interesting, we have fun together. I like hanging out with you.”

“You like being better than me!” Max accused.

“That’s not true.” I blinked at him, “Why are you saying these things?”

“Because they hurt don’t they?” He growled.

“It’s what you say to people to push them away. So what if Nox thought he did something wrong you tell him the truth and let him deal with his issues. So what if you don’t like dances because they are organized pieces of dung. You shouldn’t have told him no.” Max growled.

“Can we talk about something else?”

Max shrugged. “I’m tired.”

“Of course you are.” I growled. “When are you leaving tomorrow?”

“Mrs. Durante is coming to get me around noon I think. So you can stop by their house after school.”

I nodded, “Do you want to see me?”

“Of course I do. You are such an idiot. Go home. Play some video games for me, and then tell me all about it tomorrow.” Max smiled that goofy grin of his and told me it was okay. We weren’t over or broken and he was proving a point. A point I really wish he didn’t have to make.

I sighed and gave him a nod. “Alright. I’ll see you tomorrow after school. You better not be getting laid when I get there.”

He grinned, “And if I am you better fucking wait. Cause there is no way in hell I’m saying no to Lucy Durante.”

I laughed, “I wouldn’t either, you see that ass?”

Max nodded.

I laughed, he laughed and I gave him a wave good bye. I’d see him tomorrow.

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