HSAU: Late Night Phone Call Part 1


We ate dinner then Max and me played video games down in the basement for a little while before he left with left overs to take to his dad. Mom and Dad called it an early night and I heard their little baby making sessions sans the baby making part. I put in my ear buds and turned the music up loud.

But even before the first song ended my phone rang. It was the default ring tone so I thought about letting it go to voice mail. But I picked my phone up and saw Pretty Boy staring back at me. I answered it, “Hey Pretty Boy.”

“Alex?” He asked cautiously. “It’s Nox.”

I rolled my eyes, but the sound of his voice directly in my ear was making me all sorts of horny. “I know who it is.”

“I wasn’t sure by the way you answered.”

“What you don’t think you are pretty?” I smirked, “Or was it the boy part?”

“It was the combination of the two actually.” I could almost her the shrug in his voice, “I guess I never thought I was a pretty boy. They are usually players or hyped up gay.”

“And you aren’t either of those things.” I commented.

“No. Don’t think I’m either of those things either, but I guess it’s nice that you think I’m pretty. So I should thank you?” He flirted, I think he’s actually flirting with me. I sat up in my bed and looked out the open window wondering what he was doing.

“So what’s with the post school time call?” I asked trying to play it cool but I would stay up all night talking to him if that was what he wanted. Though afterwards I’d probably have to do something about the growing problem in my pants.

“Did you read the note on the notes I gave you?” He asked.

“Yeah something about a science fair project.” I shrugged and flung my legs over the bed, he only wanted to talk school. I was slightly disappointed.

“Do you want to work together on it. Normally I’d work with Drew, but since he’s not in my science class and I choose to sit next to you I’m offering. Even if that means I have to do it by myself. I’m still offering since we’ll be lab partners and all.”

“Do you always talk so much?” I teased.

“Yeah, probably, I don’t know.” He stammered on. “I’ll shut up now. So do you or not?”

“What did you have in mind?” I didn’t really care anyway. It wasn’t like I was going to help much.

“I don’t know, I’ll see what I can find and we’ll choose one together. Though it’ll have to be in school. My dad wasn’t happy I didn’t come home straight after school. Speaking of which, why didn’t you come in and help? You could have provided some different sketches instead of all mine.”

“I don’t draw.”

He chuckled which made me shift my junk. He was a fucking tease. “The back of your phone case says otherwise. I really liked the skull you drew, it was very detailed.”

I pulled the phone away from my ear and looked at the smudged pencil drawings on the back of it. How’d he even see them, no one else ever did. I put the phone back, “How close did you have to look at it in order to see those, I mean I can barely see them and I know they are there.”

“I don’t know. Anyway, I’ll let you get back to whatever it was you were doing.”

“I was just lying in bed listening to music. You don’t have to hang up.” I said. It sounded almost like I was begging him to talk to me. “But you do whatever.” I added to cover it up.

“I figured Max was over still.”

“It’s late why would he still be here?” I asked.

“Because his home life sucks and you watch over him like a hawk.”

I shrugged, “His dad was in a decent place. Hasn’t gotten violent since his last rehab stint, still drinking but not hitting on Max.”

“If Max ever needs any help you can’t help him with, give me a call. My Dad is big on supporting the kids that come from AA and the military, he could help them find the help they need.”

“Do you always try to fix things?”

“Sorry.” I could hear his voice change from the happy helper to something more depressive. “Just … never mind. I should go.”

“Hey don’t be like that.” I sighed. He called me. And now here I was begging him to stay. I smirked, “So whatcha wearing?”

“Tshirt and shor….” Nox didn’t finish his sentence and laughed, “Really?”

“Really.” I smirked and I wished I could see his face, the sparkle in his eye.

“Don’t you think we should, ya know kiss before we get into phone sex?” His voice was happy again, and that was what I was aiming for.

“I don’t know. Maybe I just want you for your body.” Which wasn’t far from the truth, but there was more to it. I mean I didn’t just stalk him cause he was cute. He was popular and nice, and…

“I don’t do one night anythings.” He said, “Not that I’ve ever had the chance actually, but I wouldn’t feel comfortable doing that.”

“Why not Pretty Boy?” I asked.

“It seems unfair. I get it. But I’d probably just end up hurting myself in the end. So what’s the point.”

“Well you’ve had Mia your whole life, so who needs a one night stand.” I added to help.

“Mia and I never had sex. We rarely kissed. It was a fake relationship, she used me and it kept my dad off my back.” He confessed.

“So, wait, you’re saying that you and Mia never …. like ever? Not even close?”

“I don’t like girls, Alex. Not even a little. Sure they are cute and pretty and I can admire them, but short of the physical act of touch they don’t do it for me.”

I laughed. “So you’re a virgin?”

That was the wrong thing to say. “Yeah, what of it.” He snapped. “I’ll see you tomorrow.” He said and hung up the phone. If it had been in the movies or old school he probably would have slammed the receiver down. I hoped he didn’t through the phone across the room in anger.

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