HSAU: First Day of School Part 1


The past week saw me and Drew hanging out with the chain link fence strung up between us. I hadn’t left the property since the night I took Alex his phone. My Dad was so pissed that night he’d spent the whole time punching his bag in our home gym. He wouldn’t have heard me even if I hadn’t been quiet. Mom on the other hand did, and we had a conversation about sneaking out when I was grounded. But when I told her I was just returning a guy’s phone she let it be. My Dad won’t find out about that one at least.

But today was the first day back to school and I had permission to go. My dad had left an hour before I got up. He didn’t want to look me in the eyes. He hadn’t looked me in the eyes since he found out. Ryan was soaking up the extra praise, and Lucy took it as a sign she could go even further overboard with her stupid guise. The bouncing bubbly blond with big boobs. Dad never even noticed that she stuffed her bra even more than usual. Mom just rolled her eyes as we grabbed our things and headed out the door with Lucy smacking her gum and twirling her hair.

Ant was lounging on the couch watching the news. Must be nice not to have to go to class early.

“Don’t forget, Nox, come straight home. Your Dad will be here and he expects you no later than 3:15,” Mom reminded me. Which mean I actually had to run the fuck home or I’d get grounded further. Lucky me.

I nodded, “I will be here,” I promised.

Ryan laughed. “At least you’ve kept in shape.” He said as he pushed us all out the door.

Drew and Mia met us at the end of the sidewalk to our house. Jace pulled up in his convertible and Mia climbed in with a wave, “Anyone want a ride?”

Both Lucy and Ryan piled in and off they went. Drew looked at me and sighed, “He’s just an ass.”

“I know. I’m not worried about him.”

“You worried what the others are gonna think?” Drew asked.

I shrugged as we continued towards school. “I don’t care. It’s not like people don’t already know. I mean look at me.”

Drew laughed. “You mean like the guy liner, and the strawberry lip gloss, and the fashionable clothes – that you don’t even know the name too, but that’s besides the point.”

I rolled my eyes, “Just because I’m gay doesn’t mean I like fashion. Lucy demands that I dress according to the name.”

“Yeah, yeah, I know Luc is like your personal shopper. Now if I could get her to shop for me I’d be happy. I’ll even model for her.”

“You’d be so lucky if Luc wanted to do that for you.” I poked my tongue out at my best friend, “She doesn’t like Mandy.”

“I know. She tells me every time I run into her on the way to the bathroom. You know you’d be so much cooler if you’d date within your league. As if I wanted to.”

“Everyone asks why you date her, and I’m like he’s addicted to the sex.”

Drew laughed, “Mandy is nice. Yes. The sex is awesome and how many girls are going to let their bisexual boyfriend fuck other guys, as long as she gets some play time too.”

“You know you can’t do that forever, she’ll want solidarity one day.”

Drew sighed, “Yeah, I think we are getting there. She told me I couldn’t see Alex anymore. A fucking shame. Did I tell you…” Drew started but I shoved him into the road.

“Dude, I don’t want to hear it.” I didn’t say why. I didn’t even tell Drew I’d given him my number. I never kept secrets from Drew.

We were at school by the time Drew said, “You really are out of it all. Don’t worry about Jace, or anyone else, everyone here loves you and Mia is not worth being sad over. Rep or not. Any guy or girl would be lucky to have you as a boyfriend. And your Dad can fuck off.” Drew said just as Mandy wrapped her arm around his waist. “Hey babe.”

Mandy smiled, “I bet Nox can get anyone to fall in love with him just like we have. Show your Dad that you’ve got balls and he can’t do shit about it anymore.”

Drew laughed. “I would take that bet.”

Mandy smiled slyly and looked over at the grassy hill where all the skater slacker slash rockers sat in the morning – her crowd. She gave them a little wave and snickered when Max waved back. “I bet Nox could make Alex fall for him.”

We walked past and Drew looked back at the pair that were still talking. “I know he could. You in Nox?”

“In for what?” I asked.

“Making Alex fall in love with you?” He had a shit eating grin on his face and I wanted to know why? But the bell rang and Drew and Mandy rushed off into another class room and I was left with myself and wondering about a bet that I wasn’t sure about. Those sorts of bets always turned out like shit in the end. Never with any happy endings, and I wasn’t some jerk ass person to do that sorta thing to someone. Specially to someone who I might actually like if he gave me a chance.

I sighed as I walked into Homeroom and sat down in my usual middle row, middle of the room seat. I hoped this teacher didn’t like assigned seats by name. Seriously hated that.

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