HSAU: The Last Party of the Summer Part 1

AJ hasn’t titled each scene, so we’ll do Chapter parts.  It’s something AJ was gonna save for NaNo but has already started writing so likely another story for Nano or maybe we’ll still be here we’ll see.



It was still hot outside despite the sun had set several hours ago. The activity by the pool was lit by Edison string lights and a small bonfire in the firepit just beyond. You could hear the snapping of freshly applied wood. The party would rage on for a lot longer. It was the last party before school started. I couldn’t really believed I was here. I never attended the uppity parties housed by the most poplar kid in school. I hadn’t attended them when his brother hosted them and I hoped I’d be gone by the time it was his younger brother’s turn.

The whole fucking family was a bright pillar of our community. Everyone liked them, and I beat myself up about it. I couldn’t help liking the most popular kid in school either. He was tall and lean, but I knew underneath he was built like a minor bodybuilder. He once upon a time played football and wrestled, now you could only find him lifting weights in the morning to maintain his precious body or doing yoga in the park. And no I had never been caught watching him from a distance. I can still feel those liquid chocolate brown eyes staring back at me when he met my gaze. He at least had the audacity to blush a little before he returned to his workout.

But he wasn’t like any other popular kid in school. He never had a bad thing to say about anyone, and he was always standing up for the nerds and us slackers. To say he stopped the bullies with just a look would be down playing it. I’d seen him get into a fight so that the dumb ass jock would stop stuffing the little nerd boy in his locker. Funny thing was it wasn’t a fight, Nox put the jock in his place with a quick thrust against the wall with his arm wrenched behind his back and his head stuffed in the very same locker.

Our school was hardly normal in that respect. Max had come from rougher schools. He’d told some stories. Max had been through so many schools he’d lost count, but he was finally a senior. And my best friend would finally graduate if I had anything to say about it. I’d fucking cheat for him.

He had dragged me to this party. His dad finally let him out of the house. Mr. Wallace was a now retired Army man who was back home where he grew up. He’d seen too many tours. He had some hard luck. But he and Max were trying to make it now that they were alone, his mom left them after his dad got back from his last tour. It was a shitty thing to do, but it is what it is.

But I had an ulterior motive for coming not only was it Pretty Boy’s party, well Nox and his twin sister Lucy’s party, but Drew and Mandy had asked me to meet them there. They’d been dating for as long as I could remember. Mandy was sorta a friend of mine and Max’s but she was into all sorts of kinky things, and watching her bi boyfriend was one of them. I didn’t mind being used as a booty call. And especially not when I got to fuck around Nox’s house. Which was more often than not. Drew’s family was more strict, while Nox’s was more lenient. At least on the outside it appeared that way anyway.

Nox’s bedroom, where I met Drew and Mandy at the party, was clean and it smelled like him. But don’t ask how I know how he smelled – countless times hanging out in his room with these two was most of it. Unlike his brothers rooms, his didn’t have trophies lining the walls. They were tucked away in a closet drawer. Posters lined the wall of various rock banks, and tv shows, mostly men. He wasn’t exactly the straightest arrow in the bunch, but he’d always had a girlfriend ever since I could remember Drew’s little sister was on his arm. She was pretty, but that bushy hair of hers sometimes got the best of her. And as I was walking up the stairs with punch from the straight punch bowl, it was the most legal the party in town, but it was always the biggest and best – even though there was no alcohol or drugs allowed on premises. The Durante parents patrolled the whole thing to make sure. And no one minded, it was a big ass party – everyone was here. Even I was, which made some guys from school laugh as I walked through the upstairs hall to push open the pretty boy’s room letting that perfect scent smack me in the face.

Drew and Mandy were already groping each other. I locked the door behind me and I pushed the door closed as Mandy wrapped her hand around my waist and pulled me towards them. Her outfit was disheveled. Her hair was astray, but it was almost always like that. A pink strand floating in front of her eyes as she kissed me hard. Her tongue delving into my mouth. Drew tugged at my jeans button and I groaned as he wrapped his big fucking hand around my dick. Mandy was too intent on kissing me I couldn’t look to see what Drew was doing but then I felt his hot wet tongue alone my hot shaft and didn’t need to know before he wrapped his lips around me and started sucking me off.

It wasn’t unusual for them to pull me so effortlessly into their game, tonight was no exception.

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