Small Town

AJ’s planning on writing that High School AU with me and Alex and crew. But we aren’t going to be in New York City this time. Part of AJ’s prep work is creating a small town. She’s calling it right now, “Knoxville”. I groan, but she’s having fun with it. So far the map is just a full spread of a notebook. I think it might be more than that don’t know, AJ’s not sure it needs to be much more than what she’s got. Except finish the details of houses, and places of business.

It’s not TOO small of a town. It has a mall! No Walmart though. Apparently that makes towns small, not having one.

We have a nail salon next to hair salon, an ice cream shop a diner, a gas station, doctors, police, fire department and hospital. A school of course, a park and a library.

I think AJ needs to add in a movie theater or maybe a drive in theater. That could be fun. We have a skate park, so probably don’t need a skating rink?

Definitely need a hotel, oh and a grocery store, need to have a hard ware store too.

A clothing boutique. Several houses… duh!

I think AJ plans on sharing the map when she’s done. Probably redo it digitally, in Affinity.

As a side Note, The Daily Spur is doing well, almost 100 followers. Today I used a word from there. If you need a word, a song, or even a picture to start your own writing for the day check it out. You get one of each everyday automatically.

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