High School Tropes

So AJ was given a fun idea. She’s still writing the model/rockstar AU with me and Alex, but there is a new idea, that is taking shape. Me and Alex (and crew) in high school.

Would anyone want to read that. It’s going to be filled with a bunch of High school tropes because why the hell not. AJ’s having fun plotting and planning it and it was supposed to be for NaNo but it might not make it that far, however she is doing some other work for it cause it’s fun.

One of those things is collecting a bunch of tropes that fit the high school drama/romance/comedy schemes. The main basis of the story is on “The Bet”. But AJ’s looking to throw other tropes in. It’ll be like a game of spot the tropes, or so says AJ’s alpha reader. They are both kinda excited about it, it’s funny really.

So two things. Leave your favorite high school tropes in the comments, and let me know if it’s something you’d like to see here.