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So AJ was given a fun idea. She’s still writing the model/rockstar AU with me and Alex, but there is a new idea, that is taking shape. Me and Alex (and crew) in high school.

Would anyone want to read that. It’s going to be filled with a bunch of High school tropes because why the hell not. AJ’s having fun plotting and planning it and it was supposed to be for NaNo but it might not make it that far, however she is doing some other work for it cause it’s fun.

One of those things is collecting a bunch of tropes that fit the high school drama/romance/comedy schemes. The main basis of the story is on “The Bet”. But AJ’s looking to throw other tropes in. It’ll be like a game of spot the tropes, or so says AJ’s alpha reader. They are both kinda excited about it, it’s funny really.

So two things. Leave your favorite high school tropes in the comments, and let me know if it’s something you’d like to see here.

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  1. Ooo! waves hand energetically I’ll gladly read it! Just the mental image of Nox and everyone else in high school makes me happy. I keep thinking that Alex would be the sports jock that everyone knows/crushes on. Wait. thinking, thinking, thinking If this is Nox’s high school, Dylan should be floating around somewhere…right? Would he be friends with Alex or rivals? For some reason, I like the idea of them being friends and/or friends turned rivals. Don’t ask why.

    Anyway! As for other tropes (some of these may teeter into romantic comedy tropes, but oh well!)….
    Mean Girls
    Shy/Clumsy Girl
    New Student Who Just Happens To Live Next Door To The Main Character/Is Already Acquainted (usually negatively) With The Main Character
    Goth Girl/Boy
    Emo Kid
    Dungeons and Dragons Nerd
    Quiet Kid Who Spends Most Of Their Time Hiding In The Library
    Annoyingly Perky Best Friend
    Group of Kids Who Get Bullied And Decide To Band Together
    Glee Club/Musical Theater Kids
    Plain Girl Who Becomes Gorgeous If You Take Off Her Glasses, Take Her Hair Down, And Give Her A New Preppy Wardrobe
    And of course…..The Sassy Gay Best Friend

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    1. Some of those AJ is using some of them she is turning on their head

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      1. I’m looking forward to it! :)

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      2. Not sure if will make it to NaNo but that is the plan lol

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      3. I’ll be over here cheering you on! :D

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    2. U don’t think Dylan’s gonna be around the well see he might

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