AJ had a late night, didn’t sleep the night before and essentially passed out last night even with me and Alex trying to entertain her (at her request by the way). But all we did was manage to distract her long enough to fall asleep which was greatly needed.

But AJ is a little scattered this morning and is in for a rough next few days/week/weeks, we really don’t know the extent of it.

I should maintain my rambling presence and we’ll work on getting back into the book of questions. But is there anything that you’d like to see? Or hear me ramble on about.

AJ is working on converting her hand written notes from the first read through into an electronic format, but she’s still pretty much looking for that perfect writing toll for it. We were hoping that Scrivener would release v3 at the end of August like they foretold but sadly it’s not happening. It wasn’t something that fit all our needs, but it was an organizer that Lets AJ work as she needs to.

Right now she’s using TiddilyWikiwith Google Drive Saver which is working great except we can’t really share it easily. Though I guess we could leave instructions on it. But sometimes that’s more trouble than it’s worth.

AJ’s considering another wiki, the last one we trashed because it was a maintenance nightmare. We could use WordPress or something else, but exports become an issue. Not that exporting from Tiddly Wiki is easy either.

If you have any suggestions of online notebooks give us a shout out. AJ’s always looking for the right tools.

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