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Again, a Resounding Really?

Today’s is the same basic question as yesterday’s.

If the person you were engaged to was in a car crash and became a paraplegic, would you back out of the marriage? If not, what if t hey became a quadriplegic?

With a follow up question of:

What if you found out that the person you planned to marry would likely get Alzheimer’s by his or her 50th birthday?

There is absolutely no way in fucking hell I would say No to Alex for any given reason. I would take care of him no matter what, even if he forgot me everyday for the rest of his life. I absolutely love this man and nothing would make me stop.

Yes it’d be hard. Yes it would be a challenge, but when have I ever balked a challenge?


  1. “Yes it would be a challenge, but when have I ever balked a challenge?” So very true. I can’t imagine Nox dumping Alex for any reason, but especially not for those kind of reasons. It would actually go against his character to be that heartless and selfish. Even if he did, it would throw him into the worst deep dark spiral of his life.

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    1. yeah Alex would run away. That’s his MO but I have faith he’d be back. He’s a lot less self aware and needs a good kick to the head sometimes…. he’s glaring at me lol

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