The Book of Questions

So AJ’s been thinking about what I could write about to keep my nearly three year streak going of posting something everyday. I have 22 days of story left. And AJ doesn’t like the pick a day thing cause we forget. So AJ bought a book. It’s called The Book of Questions which literally is a book with questions in it. Two hundred and ninety-one questions to be exact. So it’ll keep me busy for a while. We’ll see if I can answer them all.

So when this arc of my story ends here you’ll be getting solely my random dribble until AJ starts writing the next arc. So no telling how long we’ll be in edit phase. But IF you want to shoot me an email. AJ will gladly give you alpha/beta access to the editing process. We are currently expanding The Power of Succession. We haven’t decided if we’ll publish it here. But we might. Since it’ll have much more included content as a draft.

I’m going to answer the questions in my current state of reality. And AJ might left me have some author insights to things. So we’ll see how it all goes. I’m looking forward to the questions.

And as always if you have anything specific you’d like to know more about me, AJ to a degree, my world. Please do not hesitate to say something. I don’t bite! (Only Alex gets that privilege these days.)

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