Pool Side Cuddling

As it turned out the boys had swim trunks and a pair of shorts with maybe a few t-shirts left to wear. So shopping was actually something they needed to do. Fae was still waxing and waning from the transition. “I’ll stay,” I told Alex.
He frowned and I pulled my love aside and wrapped my arms around his neck. “Think of it as spending time with your family, just you and the kids.”
“They aren’t all my kids.”
I giggled a little. “Just because they are my brothers doesn’t make them any less yours.”
Alex rolled his eyes. “Besides,” I added. “Rider, Laker and Matt will help wrangle the little ones. One for each of them.” I sighed. “And if I stay you can go without body guards.”
Isabelle interrupted, “I’d like to come along if that’s alright?”
Alex looked at me and smirked. “It’s absolutely fabulous.” His hand went awry and his voice rose as he pulled away from me with a mock glare. “We’ll buy things for the baby.”
Isabelle glanced at me I just shrugged. “I think he’s pretending to be Brent.” I looked at Alex. “I don’t like Brent. Pastels and sex slaves don’t do it for me.”
Alex burst in to a loud laugh that startled Isabelle. “Hey it worked for Janice. ate would have found it humorous as well.” Alex was beaming as he pressed a kiss to Isabelle’s cheek and then came back over to me and pulled me into a long tender kiss. “I’ll see you soon pretty boy.”
I was left staring after Alex and Isabelle as they gathered up the kids to go shopping. Ryan was busy in the kitchen doing whatever he loved doing. Jae and Seraph stayed with me though they were more than happy to lounge in the sun in bathing suits while I swam the length of the pool.
I got lost in the motion. Took comfort in the burn in my lungs and then with the ache in my arms and legs as I went the length of pool back and forth. Jae and Seraph had taken turns after a while – need a break from the sun.
Three hours later when I heard the kids squeal and then there was a large splash behind me as Cass cannon balled into the water, I felt like jelly. It wasn’t until the moment I saw my blue eyed boy walk through the gate that I let myself relax.
“Have you been swimming the whole time?” He looked at me and then at Jae who had taken up his turn on the lounge chair nearest the gate. “How long as he been in the water?”
“As long as you’ve been gone,” Jae said over his black sunglasses, then lowered then back to watch me.
I managed to haul myself over the pools edge and Alex helped me stand up. I felt like jelly but it was a good feeling. I knew in a while I’d stiffen up and it would ache, but it was a good ache. “Makes you feel alive.” Alex groaned as he sat down in a wide lounge chair pulling me down with him.
“I’m soaking wet.”
Alex shrugged. “If you were a girl, I’d say that’s exactly how I liked you.”
“But I’m not a girl.” I looked up at him before settling down into the crook of his arm and putting my head on his chest. I whispered, “Is that going to be a problem someday?”
Alex pressed a kiss to my head. “No day soon Nox. Forever is a long time. I’ll tell you if that ever happens.” Alex put his fingers under my chin and made me look up at him. “Do you understand? I love you and no one else, I’m here forever.” He smirked. “I don’t want to hear talk about things that probably will never happen.” He leaned down and kissed me softly.
The kiss turned more hungry that intended and when Alex broke apart we were both breathless and no one was the wiser. All the kids were happily in the pool splashing and playing without a care in the world.
“We do need to talk about something,” I said as I curled up next to Alex. He was wearing a pair of khaki shorts and a t-shirt and I wished for less clothes, here I was in just a pair of swim trunks. It wasn’t even something I realized I had done. I sat up and frowned and Alex pressed his chest against my back and pulled me against him with a leg on either side of my body. He wrapped me up in safety.
“Did you just realize there was nothing to be self conscious of?”
I nodded. “I would have gotten stares before, hears snickering and pity as people watched.”
“Now?” Alex asked as he pressed a kiss to my bared shoulder.
“Admiration I guess. But it’s weird hearing those thoughts because nothing is ever said out loud when you are checking a guy out. Specially from straight guys.”
Alex snickered. “I have to listen to all these men and women eye fuck you. Do you see now why I’m possessive of you?”
I laughed. “I’m yours Alex. All yours. With or without the rings and tattoos. I’m yours.”
“I know pretty boy. But all those voices saying how much they’d like to see you naked, some thoughts are so vivid I can see their fantasies.”
“I can’t help…” Alex put his hand over my mouth and bit my shoulder.
“I know you can’t. And I can’t help but want people to know you are mine.”
I grinned over my shoulder at him. “I can still tattoo ‘property of Alex’ on my shin or something if you want.”
“As much as I’d love seeing my name forever immortalized on your skin, I’m good.” He lifted my hand with our matching bands and smiled against my neck. “I have these. That ring says more to the humans than anything else can. And the tattoo, well that’s our little secret, but it says the world to me.”
“You are my world Alex.”
He pressed a kiss to my shoulder and nodded. “You’re mine.”

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