Stay Away

I was sitting in the room where Dorian left me in the dark. I didn’t care if I was being anti-social. Really wasn’t in the head space to deal with people. But that didn’t mean people didn’t find me. And that they did. My father was standing in the doorway watching me.
“Funny how no one is really looking for you, but we seem to be able to find you. That little gloomy cloud floating over your head. I thought this was supposed to be a happy moment.”
“It is,” I said softly.
“Why don’t you look happy?”
“I just found out you and Dorian could lose everything for being here.”
He came in and shut the door behind him. “Ah. Dorian said his good-bye’s then.”
“Something like that.”
Kai sat across from me on the couch. “I know I don’t rate high on your family list, but you are my son.”
“I know that, Dad. But Dorian …”
“I know what he is, son. He’s what I couldn’t be – not then, and not now. But I want to know my grand kids. The other kids don’t need me. They don’t even want me in their lives.” He sighed. “Last night I did the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life.”
“No, Nox. I didn’t do it for you. And I didn’t do it for the bushel of kids you have. I did it for me.” He laughed. “I’m getting old. The hunt isn’t what it used to be. Hell I find that I like your tactics, your friends, the way it makes me feel when I see a family reunited with a member they thought dead.”
“No son, I did it for me. I told Emilio I loved him. Told him he was the best friend in the world and I told him good-bye. Because of you, I found a woman I want to spend my life with. I have a cause worthy of fighting for, and a son I desperately want to get to know. And his wonderful family who all make it so easy to love him.”
Kai laughed. “I tried to stay away. I don’t have the will power Dorian has.”
“Did you tell Dorian?” I asked.
“That’s why he has the will power.”
“He’s not leaving you because of me Nox. He’s not I swear it.”
“But he doesn’t feel guilty for doing it because of you,” I growled out.
“Nox he loves you.”
“I know,” I said. “And he wants me to love you as much as I love him.”
“I don’t need your love Nox. Nor Dorian’s pity.”
I sighed and walked over to the door vacating my warm chair in favor of the waning sun. “I can love you both you know. I do love you both. I’m sorry if I make it hard. But eighteen years of hatred is hard to get past. I’m trying.”
Kai laughed. “I know. There was a time you would have growled at me for even stepping foot in your sacred space. Margo and I have moved in together, she’s moving her practice outside of the AU building, but it’ll take some time.”
“If she can hold off on that,” I said turning towards my father. “I think I can help her out – give her neutral ground to work from – no dragon territory, no wolf, no vampire – safe and secure from all magics. The Venatori might hate me for it, but I don’t care what they think.”
“They know that,” Kai said. “Dorian told you of the kill order?”
I nodded. “Yeah. He told me to stay away from New York. But I won’t.”
“He knows that. But he has to try. He loves you. And I’m glad he does.”
“We should get back to the gathering.”
Kai stayed seated. “I’m going to stay here a while. I’d like to revel in my son’s wake.”
He chuckled. “You’ve been in here long enough your residual power lingers. It tickles my skin and reminds me I’m not just an old man.”
“You aren’t old,” I said as I opened the door. The party was in full swing, though I didn’t think it was even close to 8pm yet.

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