Something For You

Alex lead me into one of the empty rooms. The door was barely closed before he had me pressed up against it and his hands were working at removing my clothes. I pulled his shirt from his jeans and his hands grabbed my wrists and pushed them over my head. “Stay.” My breath caught in my throat and I froze as Alex’s hands worked my jeans button and shoved them past my hips.

He took a long look at me and smirked. “Not going to help?”

“You told me to stay,” I breathed out slowly.

His fingers ran down my jawline. “Such a good boy.” I couldn’t help the shy smile across my lips. Alex’s hands fell to the edge of my t-shirt and he thrust it over my head, catching on my nose and shoulders pressed against the wall.
Alex left it there kissed me hard. His body was pressed against mine fully clothed, the rough fabric of his jeans rubbing against my cock made me groan. “Needy, aren’t you?”

I nodded unable to make words form through in my throat. Alex pressed his lips to mine again and shoved me to my knees. My hands fell to the top of my head and I still couldn’t see for my t-shirt around my head.

I could hear Alex undoing his belt and zipper. I licked my lips at the sound of cloth moving. I let more of my senses go and I could smell Alex so close yet so far away. The air shifted and he kicked my knees apart which wasn’t very easy to spread with my legs still trapped in my jeans. But I was hard and felt the edge of Alex’s jeans rub against my cock. He did it on purpose as he moved closer. The tip of his cock brushed the tip of my nose as it hung in front of him. I licked my lips and Alex groaned. “Don’t make me wait pretty boy.”

I didn’t. I wrapped my lips around his cock. My hands were still over my head and I couldn’t see. Alex’s finger grabbed my hair through the t-shirt and he tipped my head up. His cock slipped out of my mouth with a resounding pop.

“You are so fucking hot.” Alex leaned down and kissed me hard, his tongue diving deep into my mouth. I groaned into his mouth and he swallowed it down. I whined when Alex pulled away. I wished I could see his face. His beautiful body.

Like he read my mind, and he probably had, Alex pulled my shirt over my head and tossed it across the room. He shed his clothes and was standing in front of me naked and I got to see him for real with the new tattoo with his others on his skin.

Alex nodded his head for me to stand up and I followed his instruction as gracefully as possible with my jeans around my thighs. The next nod from Alex was to lose my pants. It was a simple command and I followed with ease except for the ache in my arms from holding my arms above my head.

I closed my eyes as I stood naked before Alex for the first real time since the runes showed up. They weren’t like the ones I drew. They were more solid and had less meaning. But there was some resemblances I was noticing. Alex’s fingers traced along his and I shuddered almost violently with pleasure from both his touch and the feeling coming from his rune. It pulled on strings tied to my libido so fucking strong I almost came from the touch. Alex smirked as he traced another one. The others weren’t as phenomenal but Alex traced each one. “Do they feel me touching them?”

“I don’t think so. Ant might, but no one but you has a connection like this.”
Alex stood in front of me and smiled softly at me as he ran his thumb over my bottom lip. “Put up a veil. This is just for you and me.”

I threw up a veil as instructed and nodded when it wrapped us in a cone of silence to the outside world. Alex pulled me against him and I was so close. I groaned as Alex ground against me.

The rest was us on the floor. There was no bed this room and that really didn’t matter. Alex straddled me and leaned down to kiss me hard and frantic. He angled himself so I’d penetrate him. I almost lost it then. “I’ll come if you do that.”

He kissed me hard then trailed his tongue down my jawline and over to my ear and whispered, “I know.”

I almost yelled his name as he pushed down on top of me but I bit back my words. Alex bit my neck harder and sucked the same spot making me buck underneath him. “Don’t hold back, baby. I want every sound.”

He pushed hard down and rocked on top of me and I didn’t hold back. I wasn’t wrong I came hard but Alex kept moving and riding my orgasm. My safe word was riding the edge of my mind, too much too sensitive. Alex was in my head and he shifted to the side so I slipped out of him and Alex pushed my legs apart and pushed inside me. I groaned as he pushed deeper. I growled out his name.

Alex leaned down and kissed me softly as he moved inside long slow strokes.
Every movement addled my brain. Alex’s lips against my neck were soft, his teeth left marks, and his tongue soothed it as he worked every aspect of my body. His movements became erratic and he became more vocal.

I checked the shield and pulled it tighter down. Alex pushed into me harder. My back arched and I pushed against Alex as his name slipped through my throat with a hoarse growl. I was pretty sure that Alex was echoing mine in his own shout.

He collapsed against me sweat drenched and kissed my neck. I squirmed at his touch. My entire body was raw with power and emotion and feelings. Alex was my everything.

Alex chuckled. Ditto.




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