Let Me Make It Up To You



4 minutes

We’d interrogate Valence later. I’d let Cari have some fun first. It seemed to produce results, but I pushed all that away. I had a to make it up to Alex. I was a dick and I felt horrible about being a broken mess. I wasn’t feeling much at the moment as the protective spell still coursed through my veins. It had saved my people, but I didn’t have the power to burn it off. I needed to recharge – food and sleep. But it left me feeling decidedly numb.

Ryan followed me to my room, muttered he’d get it all settled and text me He didn’t want to be obtrusive about his success or failure while he knew I had family things to deal with. I didn’t even know if Alex was still mad at me. It was late and I checked on each of the kids as I walked past their rooms to mine. Or I tried to; none of them where there.

My heart skipped a beat as I thought of the places they could be but as I pushed open the door to my room everyone was snoozing on our bed. Alex sat on the edge of the bed running his fingers over Hunter’s cheek. He looked up when I walked in with a frown. I didn’t like that look.

My love leaned down and whispered, “Sleep,” in Hunter’s ear and then came towards me and nodded towards the door. He wanted to talk – which was good – so did I.

“Was there a nightmare?” I asked when Alex shut the door and we started walking towards the kitchen. Food was always welcomed by either of us.

He shook his head, “No, but we need to work on his shields, they’re weak.”
I nodded “Are we okay?”

He stopped our forward progress and pressed me against the wall. His lips pressed against mine and his whole body seemed to collapse against me. My arms snaked around his waist and pulled him closer. If we’d been anywhere else the clothes could have come off. But we were standing in the hall and while there was a certain amount of thrill in the act of getting caught, we didn’t need to get caught by the innocent souls down the hall.

Alex broke away breathless pulled himself away completely with a smirk. “We’re good. But we are going to fight.”

I nodded. “I know. But it’s been a stressful few months.”

“It has,” Alex agreed as he held out his hand for me to take his.

I took it with a deep breath wishing it was more. “Which is why I had Ryan make plans for all of us to go on a family vacation.”

“I know.”

I shook my head, “I mean right now. Soon as the sun is up we go.”

“Can you do that?”

I snickered, “If I’m King, why not?”

Alex chuckled as he pressed me against the wall again. “I’ll King you…” he said before pressing his lips against my neck and then sucking and biting hard. He had no need to mark me but he loved it so. And I loved the feel of his mouth on my neck. Even with the numbing from the rune still on my skin I felt more alive with Alex’s hands on me. His mouth. I wanted skin. I need him in away I never thought possible. He was like air and I was gasping for it.

A throat cleared down the hall and Alex smirked against my skin before he turned to look at the offending person. I didn’t move. Didn’t even open my eyes. I couldn’t even if I wanted to.

Seraph’s voice was quiet in the recess of my head. “He looks drunk.”
Alex laughed, “He’s fine – perfectly sober, just off in his head.”
“He does that a lot.”

“You have no idea. Did you need something?”

“Ryan tells me we are going to a beach, am I required to look the part?”

He looked at me and ran his fingernails down my jaw line with a gentle pressure, not quite scratching but it left me wanting. “He’ll have to get back to you. But I’m gonna say no, you can dress however you want. It’s our vacation, you can be on light duty at the beach.”

Alex looked at me and smiled, “Come on pretty boy. I have something for you.”

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