The Prisoners

The primeval vampires with us escorted all the bad guys with Valence to the cells in the basement of the Night Life building – vampire, human, wiccan, and therian alike. Most of them were still sleeping off the effects of the magic.

I gave out drawings of runes. The rune was the power, if done in the right spot, and the Night Life building was humming with vampric energy which was all you really needed – just a source of power. Earth, air, water, didn’t really matter which ley you did – death was just fine too. Though I knew life would be better.

But this would do for now. On each wall was drawn contain magic. The ceilings and the floors were made impenatrable from magic on either side with the same rune. The doors, the windows everything was etched or drawn on with the contain magic, protection from magic. Each cell was no capable of holding any magical person ever. And if we needed more cells well I could just draw a bigger on the inside rune – or the tardis rune as Alex so lovingly called it and we could build more cells inside. We did have one that we had to do to make room for the last of the humans who’d been with Valence.

But his cell was deeper and farther down into the basement than the others. Cari had a special place in hell she called it for him. For her brother.

He was also the only of the prisoners awake. He was rattling the door on his cell and shouting. I think that was half the reason he was placed so far from everyone else. I felt magic all around me trying to get out. But no one was making any headway. And the runes were drawn with invisible ink.

When I built my building everything would be tamper proof. I’d insure that what rune I put where was intact. I smiled as we walked through the cells to find the elevator. Ryan was with me, “I think it’s time we go on that vacation now. Alex and I need some time to get things straight. Valence is under lock and key and right now the threat is neutralized. I need a break.”

Ryan nodded, “I’ll get Jin and Alison right on it. Shouldn’t be hard to get ya’ll packed up and to the beach. Just tell me who’s going.”

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