Making Up

Alex and I just stood there holding on to each other. He pulled away from me first and held me at arms length. “You should go put some eye liner on.”

I lifted my hand to show Alex how badly I was shaking. “Probably not a good idea.”

Alex turned my hand around, then the other then looking back at me, “What the hell did you do?”

“I burnt it away.”

“Nox you can’t go burning yourself.”

I smiled weakly at my love, “I didn’t. I forced so much magic from myself it burnt away. I don’t want it Alex. I can’t live like that waiting for the dam to break.”

“Is that what this is?” he wiped the last of the tears away as I nodded.

“I do have monsters to catch.”

“Catch being the operative word there.”

“He may not live long, Alex.”

I nodded, “I know you will do what’s right.”

“And what’s right?”

Alex shrugged, “I dunno, but you’ll know it and you’ll do it. It’s what I love about you.”

“You don’t like when I fix things.”

Alex smirked. “No, but you still always do what is right.” Alex walked into the bathroom and came back out holding an eye liner pencil. “You trust me?”

“Always.” I said sitting down on the bed so Alex could do my make up.

I closed my eyes and tilted my head up so he could do it. I felt his fingers on my chin. “You are so beautiful.”

“I look like death warmed over.”

Alex pressed a soft gentle kiss to my lips. “No, pretty boy, you don’t.” He grabbed my chin and leveled me out and I felt the pencil against my eyelid. He drew steadily across each eye and whispered, “Bottoms.” I opened my eyes and Alex applied thick lines above and below the bottom lid lashes. “Not too bad, you do it better.”

“I have more practice.”

Alex chuckled. “Yeah. Years of doing it everyday multiple times would do it.”

I stuck my tongue out at him and he pressed a kiss to the tip of it. “Are we good?” He asked.

“Always. But I’m not mad at you. I’m sorry I’m a mess Alex, that it’s always you who has to …”

“Nox, stop right there. We are good. Don’t start bashing yourself because you feel like you disappointed me. Anger makes people do stupid things, and when you feel less depressed you’ll see that I’m not disappointed. I was angry too. And there are things we can work on. But we have forever to do so. Nox. Forever!”

I smiled at him. “I have to go.”

Alex laughed, “You have to go. I will stay with Hunter and watch his nightmares. Tony will take me.”

“Actually Marie – Tony’s mother will take you. The men we trust all want to fight.”

Alex nodded. “Okay. I got the kids. You just come back to me.”

“Always.” I promised. Though we both knew I could die just like anyone else.

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