The Power of Information

The four of us left the mess for someone else to clean up. I magicked all of us clean since no shower was in our immediate future. Ryan chuckled, “He’s handy to have around.”

Alex laughed, “You have no idea.”

None of us blushed had we had Sage he probably would have at the innuendo. We took the elevator back up to our floor in silence. Alex pulled me against him and I took in his scent. He was my home and I had missed him even though I had just seen him an hour or so ago.

Once we got to our floor the talking started. “I’ll start some food.” Ryan said.

Ant added, “I’ll get Jin and Allison to get the heads here so we can put Alex’s information to use. I’ll have my dad bring the kids home for a little while so you can spend time before we have to go.”

Alex and I nodded as we walked into the kitchen with Ryan who was already working at feed a plethora of people from the looks of it. “Expecting company?” Alex asked.

“Yes.” He said with a grin. “What do you think about the beach?” Ryan said, specifically looking at Alex.

“I love the beach but he hates it.”

Ryan laughed. “He hates the sand not the beach.”

“Ryan and Ant have taken me to the Hamptons on a regular basis for the past five years for running. My discomfort of sand is still there but if I’m aware of it I can adjust. I’m not going to go lie down on it or anything but I can stand in it and walk or run on it.”

Alex looked at Ryan, “Why?”

“Nox mentioned something about needing a vacation. Was going to talk to Dorian about letting us all borrow the beach house for a long weekend – before the kids go back to school.”

“All of us?” Alex asked.

“Just the family – and Ant and i will go to make sure there is adequate protection.”

Alex chuckled, “Not the leaders, and not the councils, no lesser bonds or anything like that. So the kids, me Nox, you and Ant, Isabelle?”

“I think Jae and Seraph need to come as bodyguards, Ry, you and Ant are family. You need a break too. And I think Ant will enjoy the sun on his first ever day time vacation.”

“If that’s what you want. Maybe your dad will come. I know he misses the kids.”

I shrugged, “If he wants to.” I looked to Alex, “Benji is welcome to come too.”

Alex smiled, “I’ll let him know he might be too busy with the club.”

“Uh huh, too busy for a vacation.” I smiled. “But what did you learn Alex? Before the kids get here.”

“Well,” Alex said, “He was a jumble of messy thoughts because he’d been tortured. But even before that he wasn’t very coherent. Cari had nothing useful from him, not even in thought. But your simple questions shocked me. His voice was clear and he had answers. I’ve never seen anything like it. I don’t know if it was your power or if it was just coincidence.”

Ryan laughed, “When it comes to Nox, there is no such thing as coincidence, if it’s weird and he’s around you know it’s him.”

“Thanks.” I said offended.

“It’s true.” Ryan said.

Alex was nodding.

“So what did he have to say?”

Alex grinned.” Everything. He gave me locations in vague terms of where everyone is. I figure between Wicked, Trix and Chevalier we have a pretty good means of finding those locations. And I can show you, and you can sketch it out to give them something to search for visibly.”

I nodded. Ryan set a notebook and pencil down in front of me from a nearby drawer. We started keeping sketchbooks all over between hunter and myself it was handy. “What did he have to say about what they were doing next.”

“He didn’t really know, but it was big. Like big big, but he didn’t have details.”

“Did I kill him too soon?”

Alex shook his head, “No, he was wild by that point.”

Alex put his hand on my shoulder and showed me the places he’d seen in Nate’s head. And I started sketching.

Ryan shoved food at me some time later. Alex sighed as he saw the pancakes in front of him. But he ate them. I sketched until I heard squealing down the hall as Cass and Drake came running from the shadow walking room into the kitchen and flung themselves around Alex and myself. Alex lifted them into his lap and I continued my sketch. Drake leaned over across from me and rested his head against my arm, “What ya drawing?”

“Some pictures Alex saw in a man’s head we want to find.” I said.

Hunter was last of all the kids to join us. His hands wrapped around my waist and he held on tight. “Hey buddy.” I said and pulled him up into my lap. He sat facing me and wrapped his arms around me. “What’s wrong?” I asked softly.

“Nothing. It was dark…”

Rider sat down next to me and pushed a bowl of ice-cream at Hunter. “Hunter is not so fond of dark places.”

“The bad things come in the dark.” He whispered.

“Do they come every night?”

He nodded. “But not the nightmare?” I asked. He shook his head. “Alex, I think you need to visit Erebus and watch Hunter tonight. The nightmares might not have a leader now that we destroyed the demon who controls them.”

Alex sighed, “You think he’s got one?”

“I think it’s gotten worse.”

“I’ll do that tonight. We’ll do it.” I hugged Hunter closer to me. “Here that, little man, we’ll find those bad things and teach them what for.”

Hunter grinned against my chest, “After Daddy and you catch the bad guys.”

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