Ryan walked me back to the Night Life building. The wonderful thing about Ryan and Ant is they could keep up with me. Their own training had given them the stamina and speed to run all of the Night Life building too. We’d done it many times and I didn’t have to deal with my fears without Alex. Alex made it all better and I didn’t mind the elevator even if it was perfectly safe without him too.

But we didn’t go up, we went down into the bowels of the building – to vampire nation. It was were the more fearful vampires stayed and where the cells were. I felt a pull in one direction and it wasn’t the way Ryan was leading us. He followed without question.

“Is it a blind following?” I asked.

Ryan laughed, “You know better than that. It’s not blind. After you started that way I felt Ant in that direction. I’m still getting used to him in my head. His voice is so quiet.”

“Unlike Cari’s?”

“I imagine her voice is darker than yours but it’s as pained and chaotic as I think yours is.”

I grinned, “Which makes you well suited to be my therapist huh?”

“That’s not the only reason I’m here.”

“I know.” I nodded. “Something about being useful.”

He grinned and pushed open a door. Inside were four people. One of them was beaten and bloodied tied to a chair. I cocked my head and wondered if it was even doing anything as Il Cane took a thin razor to his cheek. He’d heal quickly but pain was pain even for a vampire it fucking hurt.

“I think that’s enough.” I said.

Ant smirked, “I told you when he came back your fun would stop mother.”

Cari looked at me with dark dead eyes. She was once beautiful but now she was just scary. Some people found her attractive, and she was beautiful but I knew too much, her eyes had seen too much, she killed and never thought about it. I didn’t know what she was thinking or feeling looking into her eyes, which could only mean she felt nothing. She was doing a job. At least she wasn’t getting off on it because I knew she could do that as well.

Cari’s eyes stayed on mine and she walked out of the room. There was no as you wish my king, there was no bowing, no scraping, with Cari it was real. She listened only because she wanted to. “I listen because you don’t demand.” She said, a thin curve to her lips formed but that was all that was said. “Do not be gentle with him, Mors Praetor. He is a traitor.”

I didn’t answer her. I wasn’t going to torture him. I didn’t demand that anyone leave. I preferred if they didn’t. Nathaniel’s head was slumped over his chest like he’d lost a lot of blood and I wondered how long Cari had been working him over.

“She was when we got here.”

I looked at Alex, “Anything yet?”

He only smiled and nodded at me, didn’t say anything out loud or in my head but Alex had information. I looked at the man bound before me and sighed. Then squatted down to below his eye level so he could see me without raising his head. “There will be no more torture. And this is your last chance to talk to me before I kill you.”

He looked at me with eyes – surprise and shock before he spat in my face. “I will ask the questions and even if you don’t answer I don’t much care. You will die when I’m through with you.”

Nate didn’t say anything this time but his eyes were wide. “Where is Valence?” I didn’t need to look back at Alex before asking the next one. “Where is Sal?” He glared at me and was laughing.

He was getting cocky. “Where is Evangeline?”

There was no answers still. I hoped Alex would have the answers. “Where is Brandon Holt?” His broken face smiled at me as he spat again.

“What does the New World Order plan to do?” This was probably the most important question to ask. “How soon?” He laughed hysterically. I looked at Alex finally and he nodded. He got all the information Nathaniel was going to give us. I held out my hand to Ryan and he put cold steel in my grasp. Ant and Ryan were old school warriors so the sword in my hand that had been hidden on his body was not a surprise.

I was no expert, but I could weild the sword and I did. I held it like a baseball bat this time thought the sharp edge level with Nate’s neck and I swung. Sliced through his neck like a hot knife through butter. The sword was sharp and I had extra human strength, but I think there was more to it than that.

The blade was dripping with blood and we were likely splattered with it from the spurts from the body before it completely slumped to the back of the chair. I turned and stared out the door handing Ryan the sword, clean of all blood with a polished shine.

Ryan whistled as he hid the sword back in the shadows about his person. I would have to ask about that one day. But right now I needed a shower. So do I. Alex whispered in my head. But we don’t have time.

I took his hand and nodded. We’d have to clean up and get all that information out where it needed to go.

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My name is Nox Sétanta. I am first and foremost a fictional character escaped from the mind of my creator AJ. In layman's terms I'm a magic wielding monster hunter born to my human mother and my Venatori father.