Power and Traitors

So I fueled my protector and love and tried not to focus on the reason that I was so fucking hungry. But no matter how much I ate my body didn’t like the draw of power.

Adrian was the first to arrive. “Good he found you.” He looked at me and frowned, “Why are you sitting here eating?”

I shrugged with my mouth full and Ryan answered for me. “Ant is draining Nox in a way he previously couldn’t. My gut says that Ant and Alex completed the triumvirate bond.”

Adrian frowned, “And that means?”

“Ant took Alex as lesser Chevalier, completing the third side of the triangle that made up their soul link.”

“I hate fucking magic.” Adrian said. We all agreed with either or a nod or verbal chorus. But we all had agreed.

Jae and Seraph looked on helplessly. They’d go save them if they could. And I wished I could relieve their worries over me but I was fucking worried too. I knew no one was dead, and I was pretty sure no one was dying. But beyond that I was a mass of worry. Fear and anxiety coursed through my veins but it wasn’t making me spin.

I could think for once in my life and right now the only thing I could do is pray that I was giving them enough.

Adrian put his hand on my shoulder and the world felt better. I smiled at my friend and mentor and he gave me a smile back. “The rest of the pack will help. I’ve warned who I could. Sent out an all hands alert.” He chuckled when I paled, “Don’t worry they aren’t going to all show up here, but they are in a safe place just in case what is happening to you happens to them.”

There was a commotion down the hall as I heard others arriving. They felt the power in the room, and it made them hurry and make haste. And before I knew it there were multiple hands on my body giving me strength.

Ryan laughed, “When you learn to pull in your connections, Nox, you won’t need that physical contact.”

Adrian laughed, “It might work for a vamp like that but pack has always been about touch.”

Ryan nodded, “But he’s not vampire or therian. He’s something new. And I imagine his power will come when he calls if he learns how.”

“Seems I have a lot to learn.” I said as I stopped eating and dropped my head revealing in the power that surrounded me. There were many people vampires here, but there were some that were missing. “Did we call all the bloodlines.”

“Alec is missing. He was here with you when the others went missing.” Valentina said softly.

“Everyone is alive”. I reassured her, lifting my shirt to reveal a rune on the right lower back. “That’s Alec from what I can surmise, and he’s as well as can be expected. Hungry, like Ant, but alive.”

Valentina sighed with releif and wrapped her arms around me, “Thank you.” She whispered in my ear, “Me and mine are yours.” She sealed it with a kiss to my cheek and there was more power flowing through me than before and now I felt Alex more than I had before. The auspex connecting to the telepathy of his gift. He was busy and I let it be. Though I smiled at knowing he was there. I felt him in my head.

Holy fuck pretty boy! What just happened.

Valentina swore fealty. Do what you need to and get home now. I can’t stay here forever feeding you and Ant power.

There was a simple nod in my head and I smiled but I let Alex work even though I wanted so much to do more. Valentina chuckled as pushed a barrier between us, “I’ll show you how later. Right now concentrate on giving them power and not using it.”

I nodded. “But where are the rest of the council.”

Aurora spoke. “Nathaniel is with Valence, as are Evangeline and Sal. I suspect the latter two are who took our people.”

I growled. I had names and now I was going to find them. And make them pay for what they’d done.

Valentina put her hands on my shoulders and pushed me down into my seat, “Later, mon ami. Help them help themselves.”

So we waited… I focused on the power and nothing else. Just the power to the other two connected to me. Waiting sucked.

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