Happy Birthday to Me!

So yeah! We remembered. Today is my birthday. In 2019 I’ll be 27. I’m getting so fucking close to 30. whines

But not really a big deal. I am immortal and will look 25 after all.

AJ was going to do a whole let me ramble thing, but then she was chatting with an FA friend and he’s going to his local Gay Pride fest and bar hopping all weekend. AJ mentioned that she should let Alex take me bar hopping instead of my usual go to a club and hook up motif.

And as AJ was thinking about writing it we realized Rider and Laker would be 18. The wouldn’t have been 18 long (or turned 18 after). So it could be a ‘family’ affair. Going club hoping instead of bar hoping with the boys (including Fae). Maybe bring Ant and Ry too. Actually I’m pretty sure they’d be along and Jae and Seraph would be following too… And truly I do beleive that I am dropping names you don’t know yet. But it’s hard to remember what you’ve seen and what has happened. As AJ is editing I’m in a whole different zone now.

And as these thoughts percolate, so does when Lake and Rider are born, and why they might be born. So I’m not sure how much is really known about my mother’s heritage here. What you’ve pieced together and what I’ve already told you.

So Leanne Sétanta is born of a wiccan bloodline that came from Europe when Il Cane came to the Americas. My mother was not a practicing wiccan, nor was her mother, but her grandmother was. And if you haven’t figured it out yet, twins run in the Sétanta line. My mother was a twin, I’m a twin, my brothers are twins, and I had twins. You can expect that Cass and Hunter, Laker and Rider will all have twins. It’s that predictable – and I’m sure it’s magic related. Twins beget twins. And because it’s magicy, and I was born on the cusp of a day and cusp of a zodiac, so are Hunter and Cass. Let’s make that part of the magical line of witches. So that means Laker and Rider are born on a cusp between days and Zodiac. Rider is Taurus, and Laker a Gemini. That works for them.

So AJ’s going to write a 2019 me story – not canon story. She needs something to write since her prequel short is pretty much handled. There are a few things she could write from Alex’s pov but I think we are good and this would be fun.

So be on the lookout for some scenes of future me (current me?) so confused.

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