Finding the Unexpected

I had never really worked with the cursed before but this was interesting dynamic. They had like built in walkie talkies or something. Maybe it was just a vampire thing. I’d never really worked with this many vampires before, and Ant didn’t have a blood line. But they spoke to each other and it was amazing in a weird sort of way.

We headed deeper into the tunnels. Deeper and farther than I had ever been. I didn’t know much but I knew that the tunnels ran deeper than most humans knew. Vampires dug deeper, but it was dangerous on the island – flooding was the lease on the list.

The place was dark and I was the only one without super eye sight. Why was I always going places in the dark with vampires? All I really wanted to do was curl up with Alex and live my life. I was lost in my head I ran into Ant in front of me. He smirked as he turned to look at me. “I bet they can hear you coming.”

I rolled my eyes I couldn’t see them clearly but I knew that Ant could see me. He tapped my temple and laughed softly in my ear. “You think too much. I don’t know how Alex does it.”

I shrugged. “I don’t know either. Fuck I don’t know how I do it most days.”

Ryan put his arm around my shoulder. “Bernstein says there is something up there, so let’s go.”

I nodded and we all went silently up to join the other vampires. My two favorite body guards at my side, and Alec at the rear. He chuckled, “Don’t worry I’m not checking out that hot ass.”

I smirked, “I don’t mind Alec, but Alex will.”

Alec was whispering in my ear, “I know that’s why I’m not.”

“He appreciates it.” I said quietly but it still earned a hiss from the vampires we were nearing. It would be easier with the mind links. Too bad I wasn’t a telepath.

Jae and Seraph were standing behind Bernstein and his men looking around a corner. They made room for me and I got to see the pair standing guard of another junction. That had to be the way to go. “I got this.”

I wrapped a veil around me as I stepped out from around the corner. I felt the vampires power from one, he was weak and not very good with whatever he was which was why he had a gun in his hand. The shifter was a cat of some sort but that was all I really got. Neither of them heard me, or saw me but all I could hear in my head was Jae and Seraph bitching me out. I walked slowly and carefully not to disturb the ground. I didn’t kill with my power but I could knock them out easy enough.

The air around me started to thin and the therian started to suffer. His partner came near and while a vampire couldn’t breathe they preferred to. He was weak so when I came up behind him to snap his neck he was chocking despite him self. A new vampire.

He fell and I waved for the others to come. Two of Bernstein’s men left with them taking them to a safer place to tie them up should they wake up before we got back. Their walkie talkies were taken as were their weapons and the same two men would stand guard outside of the tunnel waiting for us. And hoping they didn’t get found out. That was Bernstein’s call, I would rather just leave it empty behind us. Alec being the wonderful personality he is told Bernstein as much in a hushed whisper. It came from him so he thought Bernstein wouldn’t get mad at me.

But the leader of the cursed vampires looked at me, “If that’s what you wish.”

I shrugged. “You can run your men however you like. They are your men.”

“And you are my King.” He said.

I sighed, “But I’m not strategist. I don’t know what’s right or wrong here.”

Bernstein gave me a smile even his fangs showed, “And this is why you are King. The strategy to keep it business as usual.”

“And when they don’t know the lingo? Or they aren’t recognized? They are dead and our presence is known anyway. And instead of having two more with us we’ve got dead men. I’d rather have my men alive and risk them coming up our asses.”

Bernstein nodded, “One will stay hidden, the other will continue on with us.”

I nodded. “Your men remember.”

He only nodded but he listened to my rant. Ant just put his hand on my shoulder and guided me into the tunnel. I’d get use to it all I supposed, but it was going to get tougher as they got more used to being followers instead of leaders I needed them to be.

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