Hidden Words

Alex was still shaking his head by the time we were back at the night life building. Seraph had followed us in the shadows and it was almost like we had been walking alone, and in a way we were, the veil was tightly around us and no one really saw us. We were back in our room before anyone noticed. And they really only noticed because I had dropped the veil without realizing I’d been holding it.

Vin gaped at us and frowned, “Don’t do that to get out of here.” He chided.

I grinned. “I won’t I know better. Seraph knew where I was.”

The woman nodded from the door as she lounged. “He was safe.”

Vin just sighed. “Whatever, don’t do it to escape Ant’s orders.”

Alex laughed, “He wouldn’t dream of it. I might though.” He grinned at me, “So what’s that rune?”

I thought it at Alex and he chuckled, “I’ll never remember that pretty boy.”

I smiled at him, “It’s a good thing I got you covered huh?”

Alex pulled me close and pressed a long hard kiss to my lips resulting in a low groan deep in my throat. “So easy pretty boy.”

“I bet anyone could make him do that.” Vin joked as he got up to stand next to Seraph. “So now what?”

“I’ll be taking a team into the underground. We need to contact Bernstein so he’s aware we are coming and I need one of his trusted people.”

Vin nodded and he left me alone with Alex and Seraph, I looked to Alex as Seraph disappeared into the woodwork. She was good at her job, and we forgot she was there, but I still saw her if I focused. “Do you want to come?” I asked though I hoped he’d stay here. I didn’t want to have to worry about Alex’s safety.

“If I don’t go will Ant bring you here first?”

I shook my head, “No but he’ll stay by my side.”

“I’ll stay here only if you take Ant and Ryan and whoever else Ant says.” Alex said with conviction.

“Seraph will stay with you.”

She said from her hidden corner. “No I won’t.” The red head looked at Alex and gave him a slight nod, “No offense intended, but my job is to protect him.” She pointed to me. “I know you are important to him, but I was hired to protect only him.”

“Are you staying with me 24/7?” I asked.

She looked at me and glared. “If I have to.”

“So issues you your orders? Obviously not me.”

She looked back at Alex and then to me and sighed. “He acts all surprised and innocent but your boyfriend is far more manipulative than you think. While it is Adrian who recommended me, it is Mr. Kennedy who pays for my payroll. As he pays two others whom I’ve not met yet.”

I looked to Alex. “So you are keeping things from me?”

He frowned, “Only because I know you take too many chances.”

I sighed, “Fine. But I just want to point out, you don’t let me fix my own mistakes.” I pressed a kiss to Alex’s lips and walked away. “I’ll be back after I figure this out.”

“Nox.” Alex called out from behind me. I didn’t turn around but I stopped to listen. “Turn around please.”

I turned around and looked at the man I loved, but wasn’t currently happy with.

He sighed, “I only want to keep you safe.”

I nodded. “I know Alex. Do you hear me bitching about what you did? No you hear me condemning myself for making stupid mistakes that make you not trust me. So you feel compelled to protect me. I’m a big boy Alex. I fucked up. I’m sorry. I told you I’d try not to do it again.”

“That’s the thing pretty boy.” He sighed and closed the distance between us putting his hand on my hip. “You don’t have to do this alone anymore. I can’t fight with you. I’m a liability, I get that. But I can hire people who won’t. This is my way of helping you.”

“I still don’t like that you kept it from me.” I growled but put my hands on his waist and dropped my head to his shoulder and Alex pulled me tight against him and wrapped me in his arms.

Alex sighed, “I’ll try to do better.”

I pressed a kiss to his neck, “That’s all we both can do.” I whispered.

Alex pushed my away playfully. “I will hold this fort down with Vin. I trust him to help watch us all. He’s a fighter, but he’ll watch us.”

I nodded, “Thank you.”

Alex shook his head, “Thank you, pretty boy. I’m sorry. I’m not good at this.” I pressed a finger to his lips and shushed him.

“I’ll see you when I get back.” I kissed my Alex and I turned to head out the door. Seraph was behind me and Vin stepped inside without being asked. They had planned everything and I wondered how much of it had been behind my back.

I didn’t go straight into planning mode with the others I stopped at the kids bedroom and knocked. “Hunter?” I said as I walked in to find my son sitting on his bed drawing. “What ya doing in here alone?”

He shrugged, “Cass is helping Quinn. Drake is playing video games with Rider.”

I laughed, “And you don’t have anyone to play with?”

He smiled, “I want to draw.”

I smiled at him, “Does it help?” I ran my fingers over the sharpie on his arm.

He nodded, “Yes, but it hurts too. I can’t see.”

“I think I might know a different one if you want to try it when I get back. It won’t cut you off, I’m hoping it’ll balance you out.”

Hunter nodded, “If you think it will help.”

“We’ll see okay?” I said. “Can I ask you if you’ve had any visions lately or any of me in tunnels or sewers or anything like dark places.”

Hunter shook his head. “No. I don’t think so.”

“You remember that rule I told you, how I didn’t want you tell me about things about me?” I said softly.

Hunter nodded as he continued to draw in his sketchbook. I continued. “When I get back too, I want to hear them all, or see your drawings about them okay? Maybe they’ll keep me safe in the future so I don’t scare you and everyone else.

Hunter nodded again and wrapped his arms around me, “Okay. I’ll leave my sketchbooks with Dad, and you can look at them later, k, Daddy?”

I nodded. “When you drop them off you make sure to call Alex Dad okay, I think he’ll like to hear that.”

Hunter grinned, “Okay, Daddy. I’m gonna go play with Drake now, k?”

“Sounds good bud. I love you. Tell everyone else I do too k?”

He nodded and ran out of the room. I sighed and went to find everyone else going with me.




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