What’s Next?

We were several blocks away from the cafe when I felt Alex back in my head. His hand left mine and he wrapped his arm around my waist. “I was expecting a show, but you fucking branded Poet. Nox he’s not going to forget that.”

“I hope he doesn’t.” I said. “I don’t like bullies.”

“How did you know he was Prometheus? Really?”

I shrugged, “I didn’t lie, it’s an anagram. And his power is strange, I imagine it’s like mine but not exactly since he didn’t seem to notice the rune when I was making it.”

“That’s the same one as you put on Hunter.”

I nodded, “It contains magic which is why is fucked with my head a little, I used my magic as part of my sanity – seeing the patterns and knowing when I’m losing control keeps me in check.”

Alex sighed, “Poet’s not going to play nice now. Reaper is an asshole.”

I shook my head, “I don’t think I have to worry about a hacker. Trix, Jack and Sage have all been monitoring the Night Life building. He said he didn’t have a man on the inside. So it’s likely a woman. But there aren’t many I don’t trust, has to be someone I don’t expect. Or maybe it’s innocent, I don’t know. But Reaper is hardly a problem. He’s located at a hacker den down in Dom’s district. Sage already sent the wolves a message and they will be shutting it down.”

“How do you know all this?” Alex asked.

I smiled, “Because it’s what I do.”

Alex stopped me and pushed me against the wall in the nearby alley way. “That’s not an answer pretty boy.”

“I don’t have another one. Sage listens on my phone, you think he didn’t notice that I’d left the building? He’s as much in charge of my security as Ant is. Tell me you didn’t think we left without them knowing.”

“There are no vampires present. No one came with us. Which is strange.” Alex frowned as he looked down the other end of the alley and saw the shadow. “Therian are good at hiding in plain sight if they want to. It’s part of their magic. Most supernaturals do. The good thing that comes from the community gathering around me after I died, was that they left people they trusted and Adrian left me an ex military wolf who was looking for a good paying job. She’d come to New York hearing about the pack.”

“I’m going to ask you again, Nox, how do you know all this stuff.” Alex groaned, “I haven’t been away from you that long.”
“You were sleeping while I got a better lay of the land. And I sent Sage a text while you made your call.”

Alex frowned as the woman walked towards them, “We should leave, your friend is angry and he’s got men looking for you.”

I smiled. “No one can find us.” I waved my hand though it was unnecessary as the veil formed around us. “We can stick to the alleys for now it’ll be easier to move with the veil.”

“I thought you couldn’t move with one?” Alex said and even the wolf woman looked at him strangely.

I smiled. “I’ve learned a lot from that book. Like how to hide in plain sight. I’ll show you the rune later.”

Alex looked at me and frowned then looked at the woman. “I don’t like being followed by people I don’t know.”

She smirked though there was still a cold hardness to her eyes. “You can call me Seraph.”

I smiled, “This is Lilly Woods, but as she said you can call her Seraph. Adrian speaks highly of her as does Danny.”

Seraph’s mood lightened, “The Lt is a good man.”

I nodded, “Danny was like a father to me growing up.”

“He’s told me.” She turned to look at Alex and smirked, “Told me to watch this one. Said I should break him if he hurts you again.”

“That won’t be necessary.” I said pulling Alex to me. “He’s not going anywhere ever again.” I pressed a kiss to his lips and Seraph growled and turned to walk in the direction she’d come. I whispered to Alex, “Let’s go before we upset her.”

“I’m still utterly confused Nox.”

So we walked and talked and I tried to straighten out all the kinks I’d introduced to Alex in that short period of time. How Adrian and given me a body guard that the wolves trusted. He said the Dragons were working on a line too. Three specifics were to be assigned to me alone, everyone else could be protected by vampires, my family hadn’t been important to them.

But they were important to me and Ant knew that – that was the important part. He’d watch my families back even if the other races did not.

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