My Gifts

I pulled off my clothes and was standing naked in while I waited for Alex to do whatever he was going to do. But his eyes opened wide as he looked at me. “Holy fuck!”

Alex waved his left hand in the air, “I though this was cool.” Alex had a series of stars etched into his skin with magical ink. The vine Isabelle had woven around our hands had sunk in and changed based on our personalities, I guessed. He ran his fingers over the lines and I shivered at his touch.

Alex pulled his shirt over his head and checked out his chest and spun around, “I don’t have them all over do I?”

I shook my head. “No just the one.”

I touched the rune on my arm. I didn’t know what it was – at least not yet – and ran my fingers over it and Alex shivered. “Fuck!” He said.

“But what are the rest of them?” I looked down and shrugged.

“I don’t know, the kids probably.” I grinned at Alex. “We can figure it out later.”

Alex nodded and turned the hot water on. “Yeah, I’m too tired to explore you right now.” He scoffed as if that were a problem for real.

I couldn’t help but laugh. But Alex was dragging me into the shower that now smelled like lavender. I didn’t need the relaxing but Alex seemed to think I did so I let him pamper me. His strong hands made me weak as he massaged my shoulders while he washed me. It could have easily turned into shower sex, but I think there was still a little fear in both of us that something else might happen. We were both feeling the dredges of the wiccan magic. It lingered around us like a fog. And I didn’t know if Alex felt it, but I sure the fuck did. And it was a little scary.

Alex pressed a kiss to the back of my neck, “You need to calm down, pretty boy. All this work and you still are stressing out.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be, just take a deep breath, let the lavender do its work.” Alex wrapped his arms around me and pressed his body against mine. “We are here together. I got you.”

“Forever and always.” I muttered.

By the end of our shower we were both very relaxed, Alex always did enjoy someone washing his hair, everything else was icing on the cake for him, he went to the salon just for that. And it sorta made me jealous that he let someone else make him feel that way, but it was hair. Though Alex chuckled at me because he was in my head – always in my head. And that made me happy. And now he was mine forever. That made me happier.

“It’s not fair you know what I’m thinking.”

Alex laughed and dragged me out of the bathroom. “I’m thinking how I want to keep you here all to myself. Locking you up to keep you safe forever, but I know that’s not going to happen so I’ll settle for going with you, tracking your whereabouts, and using my new gift to keep track of you.”

“Your contact you were talking about earlier. You think you can set up a meeting?” I asked.

Alex sighed and pulled away. He started pacing back and forth, “About that.” Alex said stopping in front of the window and looked out. “My contact is the same man who hired me to spy on you. If he’s got information he might not give it to us. I have one point of leverage,” Alex said turning around, “but I don’t want to use it for something like this.”

“You think there is another reason than to save lives to use a favor?” I asked curious.

“Not to save just any life, Nox. I’m sorry I’m a selfish bastard but you and our family mean I won’t give up this favor for just anything.”

I smiled, “It’s a good thing I’m not going to ask you to use a favor. But can you arrange a meeting? A favor to me, not to him.”

Alex smiled at me, “Are you always so diplomatic?”

I grinned, “I try to be. It’s easier to tell the truth, to be honest and straight forward.”

Alex shrugged, “So I do you this favor, what do I get in return?” Alex smirked as he watched me.

“You name it.”

Alex laughed, “I’ll have to come up with something good.”

“You think about it then, I’m going to look at these papers.” I said as I grabbed information from the dresser where Alex had left it.

“I’m gonna make that call, I’ll be outside okay?”

I nodded already looking at the piles of paper, mostly newspaper clippings that spoke of missing persons from the human stand point. The supernaturals had even gone to the local police and they were having issues. Why hadn’t I heard about this yet?

I grabbed my phone and sent my father a text.

N: Anything strange going on over there I should know about?

I didn’t expect anything back, like most of the Venatori he was avoiding me. None of the kids had seen Dorian in ages and that was unusual for all of us, Dorian was a staple in our lives, it felt very weird not seeing him. Maybe we could meet up at Marco’s restaurant and have a meal. It was probably the only way we were going to see him at all.

While on that thought I sent Dorian a text too.

N: Should have dinner sometime soon, we miss you.

And then I started looking at the files again. There was nothing of note about the persons other than the fact that they were supernatural – lions, wolves, wiccans, and even some vampires. I didn’t know some of the names as they were upstate, but some of them I did.

And while I was starting work I should tell Sage about the thing.

N: Crunching data points. Looking for missing people. Could use help.

I started entering coordinates of last seen locations into the mapping software Sage had provided me when I started this job. I didn’t have all the information yet, but I might soon. You never knew when enough was enough, or what piece of information was key with my gifts I could only look at the information and let my gift do it’s thing.

Alex came back into the room with a sigh, “You busy now? He says he can meet with you now or never.”

“Yeah okay. If now is the only time.”

Ophelia meowed as Alex closed the door behind her. She hopped up on the bed and made a circle in front of me. I ran my fingers through her prickly hair and she growled at me but then pushed her whole body against my face. I picked her up and she fought she was such a prickly cat. “I’ll find a way to let you move on Bree. But for now you gotta leave my papers alone – please.” I held her up in front of me as I spoke, she didn’t scratch at my face thankfully but stared like a human in disbelief might. I’d figure it out. At least that’s what Rosanna had said. So I would – that was all there was to it.

I set the cat down and headed for my closet and grabbed a clean hoodie and my shoes. “Do I need to dress better?” I asked absently from the closet only to hear Alex chuckling from the room. I was pretty sure it didn’t matter how I dressed, this man had stalked me my whole life.

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