Binding Nature

I didn’t care who saw the moment, but I knew Alex did though he probably knew more than I did that even Isabelle was gone from the enclosed garden, only those who peeked out the windows of the building would catch a glimpse of us in whatever passion the magic brought forth.

It wasn’t his eyes that told him Isabelle had been carried away but the feel of the air around them when Ant came to collect her collapsed and seizing body. It was more than I could handle, so I focused on Alex and only on Alex. I whispered, “It’s just us.” But my hands and lips were all over Alex.

He was kissing and holding me but he was dazed, the magic flowing through him but I wasn’t sure if he was alright but his body was responding even if he wasn’t completely there. But that posed a problem for me. A panic attacked started to rise – consent was a must. “Alex?” I whispered in his ear as his hands pulled me close. I tilted my head and Alex pressed his faced against my neck. At least it was better than dazed and confused.

“Alex, I need you to fuck me.” My voice was filled with need – almost begging. I knew it was the magic well most of it was. “Please.” I begged.

The singular word seemed to snap Alex out of whatever haze he was in as his mouth sank into my neck and I groaned. “Please.” I begged again. All I wanted was Alex and he wanted me. I felt through our forming bond the double dose of desire. It was stronger now, magic filled but our attraction was strong, the need even stronger.

Hands and mouths were everywhere. I didn’t hide in the shadows of the night. But it wasn’t our normal positions either. The grass was soft but Alex took me from behind his fingers dancing across the scar free back making me groan at the touch still not used to the attention – and now more so with new skin, even Alex was awed by it.

It only added to the growing pleasure the need for release. I could wait and I would until Alex exploded inside of me. There was some moment of concern, a missing thought, a panic for later, but I followed Alex in climax as he collapsed on top of me even as I rode out my own release.

But the magic wasn’t done with us. It shot through us like molten lava and a ball of glowing light emerged from our joined bodies. It raced along that third connection and followed after Isabelle. But there was little left in me as I collapsed underneath Alex and knew I’d be asleep in moments.

I woke when a shaft of lift fell on my face. Alex lay beside me curled against my back and buried his face against my body. He instinctively knew the sun was up and was hiding behind me. “Thanks.” I muttered.

Alex groaned, “It’s too early.”

“We are laying outside under a blanket.” I said rolling over on to my back and Alex sat up shifting the blanket that had been covering me to fall to just above my waist.

“Jesus. How fucking drunk were we?” Alex joked.

“Magic does that sometimes.”

“Why didn’t they wake us?” Alex asked as he looked around the garden enclosure, “And where are our clothes.”

The memories from the night before came rushing back and I glanced down at my hand and saw the thorny vine etched into my skin. A flower was fully opened just above my wrist and I smiled at the petals of blue just like the color of Alex’s eyes. Alex had a similar flower sitting in the same position though it was a vast array of colors and looked sort of wilted. I blinked as it seemed to deteriorate right in front of me.

It mimicked the spiral I was feeling. Even though I stared in awe at the flower, I was hyper ventilating as I realized what had happened after the ceremony. Unprotected sex was the least of the worries. The magic had flown away from us towards Isabelle. She’d known something would happen and I frowned. Alex was staring at me frowning. “Pretty boy, I’m sure she’s fine.”

I looked up at Alex who was standing naked before me and I licked my lips and wanted so much more of his body. The smirk on his face said he knew exactly what I wanted. A girl came through a door way and stared good and long at Alex’s naked body. He wasn’t ashamed, but he was shifting in front of me guarding my modesty. He was a slight hypocrite in that.

“Hey, I resemble that thought.” Alex laughed. She set down a pile of clothes and hurried out the way she’d come. “You are mine.” Alex claimed as he grabbed the clothes and set them neatly next to us as he knelt down behind me, “And this body, is mine.” He ran his fingers down my arm aNnd over the flower and it shuddered, “This.” He ran the same fingers to the ring sitting there and he ran his fingers across it, “And this are the publics viewing of it. That’s all they get.”

Alex traced the vine up my arm, “What the rest of these represent I don’t know.”

“Where you tracing one last night?” I asked.

Alex chuckled, “Yeah. It was new. What the fuck happened last night?”

“You mean other than us doing a soul binding ritual?”

Alex chuckled as he stood and pulled his clothes from the pile to get dressed. “Yeah other than what was supposed to happen.”

“You know how I told you Ant was the product of magic?”

Alex looked at me with concern, “Don’t tell me you are pregnant. Don’t fucking tell me that’s a thing…”

I shook my head. “No but I think Isabelle is.”

“What?” Alex shouted and he was storming off into the house leaving me naked still on the grass. He stopped abruptly and turned around, “Let’s go. Come on.”

I rolled my eyes, “Yes sir.”

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