Soul Mates

The dark brunette walked up to us, she gave me a pleasant smile but it was Ant she had eyes for. “I had a dream about you. Or I should say dreams.”

Ant looked at me then back at her and he was at a loss for words. I laughed, “He’s not usually so tongue tied.”

Alex chuckled, “He is a bit confused. He thought he’d found you already.”

She looked at Alex, “What do you mean?”

“He means, I look for you but you never remember, me so when I found them, I thought I’d found you. Soul Mates. But they are soul mates, and yet I feel drawn to them.”

Rosanna laughed. She sat down on the couch in the middle of the room and laughed again. “Energy is made up of many streams. Soul mates are half soul energy. It’s stronger feelings. A triad on the other hand, is powerful in a different way. And I think that we have two sets and a triad. Will wonders never cease to amaze me.”

“Sit gentleman. Isabelle my dear, tell the men what the bond entails to bind two soul mates.”

I sat down on the opposite couch with Alex, Ant stood staring after Isabelle. Alec stood behind us like the good guard. Isabelle sat down with her mother but she never took her eyes from Ant.

Alex laughed, “Maybe we should just let them be alone. Soul mates and all, they might need some adjusting.”

Isabelle looked at us and frowned, “No. I find it surreal. A dream.” She shook her head, “I’m sure that you understand as you walk Erebus.”

“I do.” He took my hand, “Knowing he was real kept my sanity.”

“What of his?”

“I didn’t know Alex was real, but he kept me sane none the less.” I said.

“How did you not know?”

“It’s a long story.” Alex said. “We’d love to tell you about it later, if you’ll be hanging with us. We have a ceremony to preform don’t we?”

Isabelle laughed, “Eager much?”

I laughed. “That’s an understatement. I think Alex would prefer just to get it done. I think he’s worried I’ll leave him for someone better looking, as if I could find anyone who out shined my Alex.”

Isabelle snickered. “There is a bunch of things we should discuss.”

Ant rolled his eyes, “I don’t think either of them are worried about the ramifications of being tied together forever. My father has given them some insights into the situation, at least Nox.”

“I don’t…” Isabelle started.

Her mother interrupted, “My dear, the boys are going to do it no matter what we tell them, good or bad, or how wrong it can go. I see the ties that bind as clearly for the two as the three.”

We all looked at her and blinked but Isabelle stood up. “You don’t care? Fine.” She huffed. “I hope that you listen better when I advise you on other things.”

She stormed off but what she said was true. I took a deep breath and sighed. “I will listen.” I said but she was gone.

Rosanna rose gracefully, “Come, we’ll do this outside.”

I stood up and held my hand out to Alex. “Are you ready to be tied to me forever?”

Alex sighed and rolled his eyes, “If I must.”

We followed Rosanna outside into a courtyard surrounded by the villa. It was beautiful. There were vines climbing the walls and flowers everywhere with too many scents and I sneezed – repeatedly. Isabelle stood in a clearing holding a bag of trinkets and a vine wrapped around her arm.

Ant stood under an awning while we continued on. Alec joined him with Isabelle’s mother. “You ready, Alex? For real, to be tied however this ties you to my fucked up head?”

Alex nodded, “What did I tell you about bashing yourself.”

I frowned, “Not to do it. We don’t know what this will do.”

“I don’t care what it does as long as I have you for the rest of my life Nox. Don’t fucking care the consequences you won’t leave me again.”

I nodded. “You know I feel the same right?”

Alex turned to look at me with a smirk, “Pretty boy, I know exactly what you are thinking and why you are thinking it. We are in this together.”

We walked to where Isabelle stood and stopped in front of her. “We’re ready.” Alex said with a nod.

But there was a wild look in his eye and I knew he was afraid of something though he wasn’t going to say and I wasn’t privy to his thoughts like he was mind. I squeezed his hand and pressed a kiss to his cheek. “Always mine.”

Isabelle took our hands we were still holding and held them up. She wrapped a very thorny vine around our wrists. It constricted, the thorns drawing blood. The sharp bites sent shards of magic coursing through our bodies. I felt the bonds forming.

The small brunette spoke words that I didn’t understand, but I could hear the meaning in my head. Ties that bind. Hearts as one. Natures bond. Ties of blood. Worlds all cryptic with only partial meaning.

I felt a surge of magic from within. The vine sank into our skin, I felt it burrow and climb up my body, slithered like a snake bursting through my arm, my back, my stomach, legs, everything. It hurt but didn’t hurt, it was like I felt it from a distances. Alex’s eyes were wide and he was staring down at his own arm and we shook.

A glow rose around us. The magic seeped into our skin. The glow strung out between the three of us standing in the garden and Isabelle smiled knowingly. The glow snaked through us but I felt no connection to her as I stared at Alex. I felt Alex freaking out but he just stared at me in disbelief. The magic flowed threw us and I pulled him close and kissed him hard. The worry left his thoughts as our lips touched. I didn’t care what it was, I knew it was magic filled but I groped at the man I loved in the dim glow of the magic around us.

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