The Question

Sitting there thinking what to ask I knew, not sure how I knew, but the question didn’t matter. I looked back at Alex and he winked and I knew he had a story to tell. So it didn’t matter and it was a test. I came here for two reasons none of which needed a tarot reading for.

I nodded with a smile at the woman as she waited for me. “Is there a way to free Breanne from the curse she is under?” It wasn’t self serving, and if I didn’t have to explain who Bre was then they knew more about me than I would expect from living so far from the city.

The woman blinked at me holding the third card in her hand still unflipped but poised above its spot on the table. My smile widened, “Not the question you expected?”

She flipped the last card and looked across the table at me. “The question didn’t matter, but the answer applies just the same.”

She looked down. “The hanged man.” Her eyes drew wide and though she had flipped it before she must not have looked until it was time to read. “A significant card, a sacrifice mediates the situation.” The woman looked up at Ant, “Your mother says he has risen from the ashes?”

Ant nodded. “It was a hard couple of days.”

“The ace of swords.” She looked at me again, “Your path has been tumultuous, but you have a clarity unique to yourself. You are a harmonizing element because of it. You know the next step.”

“The three of pentacles. You will find a way that inspires your followers and still showcases your uniqueness. Mutual respect allows everyone to preform to their best abilities.”

She held out her hand. “I am Rosana Milano of the Circulus Elysii, and the answer to your questions is yes.”

“So what?” I asked. “There is a way to free Breanne.”

She laughed, “Yes, Nox, there is. Yes, we will join your council and Yes, we can help you and your lover bind two souls.”

“What question were you answering in the cards?”

The look the woman gave me said she was surprised. “Not quite the boy I was lead to believe you were. I asked it if we should help you.”

“And the answer is satisfactory?”

She nodded and rose from the table. “Come, we have much to discuss.”

“So were the cards even for me?”

Rosanna gave me a sly smile. “It was a test darling. Are you self serving, what does he ask for if he’s given a choice. You could have asked your questions you came to ask, instead you came to ask about a friend.”

“I love Fee, I do, but Breanne isn’t a cat, she’s a ghost and I’d like to help her.” I shrugged.

“Even after she murdered men and women who killed her?”

“That is for what ever after life to judge her on. She didn’t kill in my time, she’s been a cat. And a great cat.”

Both Ant and Alex hummed their agreement. “See even they can agree on something.”

Alex grabbed my hand and Ant snorted. “They agreed on something else too, on many things I just needed them to remember that.”

“Can you allow my people to do magic again. It would be a great help if Alex could help with my shields. It’s not so much that it’s hard to do, I just prefer to not focus so muuch on minding my manners.”

“But of course, young one. It is good to know when help is needed.”

I laughed, “Priestess Rosanna I need a lot of help.”

She looked at me and frowned, “Not as much as you used to I gather. They are healing.”

“What is healing?” Alex asked.

“He speaks.” Rosanna chuckled, “His shields, his aura, his protective energies. They are healing well after the trauma of darkness.”

“That’s an understatement.” Alex said, “He had a fucking demon sucking the life from him.”

“He wasn’t sucking the life, he was feeding on his fear and pain.” Ant corrected.

“It doesn’t matter boys.” Rosanna said as she lead us deeper into the house. “Your other vampire friend is quiet.”

“I am not quiet darling, I’m examining all the magic in the area. It’s a new light being amalgamated to a man of unique power.”

“A Master vampire pledged to another? Why?” Rosanna asked.

“Why help the same man?” Alec asked with a smirk. “I have my reasons to align myself with Nox. As you do.”

“Can we stop playing games, Priestess, where are you taking us?” I asked.

“To my daughter who will instruct you on the requirements for the binding ceremony. And she will accompany you back to New York as one of your council. I expect her to be well taken care of.”

“That defeats the purpose having someone of the people.” I said.

“No darling, it does not. You need staff, Isabel can help.”

“With what?” Ant asked. “Is she a doctor, a lawyer, a hacker, a financial banker, a baker, a cook, a babysiter?” Ant was less than thrilled from the sound of his voice.

Rosanna chuckled, “She will help, with whatever is required.” There was something she wasn’t saying.

I looked to Alex but he shrugged. I can’t read her.

We walked into a large parlor and a dark haired beauty stood dusting a mirror with a feather duster that looked to be made from scratch, none of the plums matched. She turned her gaze to us with wide eyes. Her mouth worked, but no sound came out. Ant had stopped in the doorway and was looking from her to me and back again. Confusion was all around.

free reading

is there a way to free breena from the curse she us under?

self the hanged man
situation ace of swords
challenges three of pentacles

The Hanged Man
SELF: A sacrifice mediates the situation and returns it to normal.
The Hanged Man represents the taking of a loss. He’s the sacrificial lamb, whether it’s accepted with grace or only because it’s been forced upon him. In either case, his ordeal serves to clear the air of general tension, denial and game playing. The Hanged Man’s predicament brings issues to a head, making it possible to clear the slate and allow everyone to start over. Whether it’s purely symbolic or has to do with real events, such a situation can clear the collective conscience and helps to break old patterns. It’s a good thing that it’s you playing this vulnerable role, and not someone else who may be broken by the situation. You are resilient and regenerative, someone who can view this experience as educational and not be totally victimized by it. This is the enlightened attitude. Your sacrifice will make a difference in the larger flow of events, even if it’s not fair and you don’t deserve it.

Ace of Swords
SITUATION: Your unique comprehension of the situation can help clear up confusion, which may jeopardize progress.
With the Ace of Swords in this position, circumstances indicate that the path to your destination twists and turns in a bewildering way. Your insight, however, can penetrate and make sense of the confusion. You possess an outlook or vision that can harmonize whatever competing interests and needs present themselves. Ultimately, it is up to you to reveal the big picture, point out the middle path, and reconcile the polarities. You are aware of what the next step is. Continue to focus solely upon it without letting yourself or others be distracted.

Three of Pentacles
CHALLENGES/​OPPORTUNITIES: Manifest excellence and leadership at the same time you respect the accomplishments of others.
The Three of Coins in this position reveals an opportunity to find a way to showcase your unique talents and gifts. If you can do this without stimulating envy or competition, your ability to achieve greatness will be enhanced. Your challenge is to manifest excellence and leadership, at the same time respecting the accomplishments of others who are working toward common goals. Mutual respect encourages all to perform to their highest ability.

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