Alone Time

Everyone was asleep quickly, though I wasn’t sure Alex was but since he was spooning me I couldn’t really tell. But Alex pulled me closer and I knew he was still awake listening to my rambling thoughts. Let’s go to our room. There was no hesitation as Alex unwrapped himself from me. It was more of a tangles mess for me as I disengaged from the puppy pile. The kids all shifted effortlessly and Ant was lying awake. He gave me a smile but he didn’t get up to move. It was good to see Ant content with the kids.

I feel bad. Alex said in my head as we stealthed out the door with Vin in tow.

“How so?” I asked Alex.

“Ant has a soul mate. He’s been chasing for centuries.” I nodded, I’d known that. “But did you know he thought you were his soul mate?” Alex asked as he read my thought.

I shook my head. “No. I’m not…”

“We both are. He says. He says he feels the same draw to us as he did her.”

“But I don’t feel for him like I feel for you.”

Alex shrugged. “Me either, and he says it’s not the same. But I just feel bad. He’s alone and he’s got to watch us.”

“Next life?”

“I dunno. He’s happy to be your friend, our friend. I think he’s had it happen a time or two before.”

“That has to suck.”

Alex nodded, “Yeah. You know what else sucks?” He said as he pushed open our bedroom door and I stepped inside first. I waited for Alex to tell me because I knew the moment we were alone he was going to do one of two things, and sucking his dick was probably not the top of his list from the look on his face.

But he was always in my head, so his face changed to a smirk and he was shaking his head. “We need to talk. I’m sorry to disappoint you.”

“It’s okay.” I said sitting down on the bed and smiling. “I’m used to the let’s talk moments. I’m ready for you to yell at me. Tell me I’m an idiot, that I should have listened to you and Hunter.”

“I’m not going to yell, Nox.” Alex said sitting down next to me. “I’ve been giving everything a lot of thought, and yes I’m pissed you died. But that’s water under the bridge. I can’t do this again. Think you are dead then you come back. My heart won’t last, and neither will the kids. There was a few days that I was ready to leave but Ryan kept pulling me back. Telling me it was going to be alright.”

“He was right, but so was Hunter. He said you’d die in a ball of fire. If you’d known you might have prevented it, Nox.”

Alex sighed. “You have to use all your tools to your advantage. Don’t think of prophecy and the dreams as your life written in stone. Think of it as an early warning system. Something to use to make sure you don’t leave us all.”

“Okay.” I said.

“Okay?” Alex looked at me and frowned. “No argument?”

“You are right. But you know knowing wouldn’t have stopped me from going? You know I suspected what Hunter told you, right?”

Alex nodded. “I know. I get it. But you could have done things differently.”

“I will talk with Hunter in a few days.” I said. I looked down at my knees and took a deep breath, “While we are being all adult and stuff.” Alex was in front of me standing between my knees, lifting my chin with his fingers so I’d lookup at him. One of my absolute favorite views.

Alex chuckled, “You were saying?”

I licked my lips and took a slow even breath before continuing, “What do you plan on doing about Quinn?”

Alex cocked his head at me, “I don’t know. But I don’t plan on letting her go back to them.”

I nodded but my mind was racing with all the things I would to save her. Alex plucked a thought from my head. “You’d kill her?”

“I would fake her death. Sorta like witness protection on TV you know. Except this would be fool proof.”

“And Sage would help you?” Alex asked.

“He has in the past.”

“You’ve done this before?”

I smiled. “Not with a human girl, but yes. I’ve hidden people from the Venatori, faked their deaths, Ant sets them up a new life someplace else, Sage hacks the system to make it all official and we give them a body.”

“So you kill someone else?” Alex growled at me. He went to move away and I grabbed his hands before he did still looking up at him.

“No. We give them a body. The same way I can make a piece of paper I can make a body. It’s not living – never did live never will live. It’s not perfect, and for the Venatori all they want is a likeness. Sage’s faked autopsy reports save time in having to do it, and we usually burn the body or disfigure it enough no one looks too close. But for the human authorities it might not work. But if all we are doing is trying to convince her other life she’s dead and the paper work is there to cover it. I don’t think anyone will notice. It’s simple work.”

“Simple?” Alex says. “Simple is just telling them she’s dead and making them believe it. This is an elaborate plan to trick not one person but the whole fucking world.” Alex sat down next to me, “You really do these things?”

“I have. I know you think that I’m going to get all up in your face about what you do for a living. But I’m not much better, Alex. I lie for a living. I lie to the people around me, I lie to the Venatori, I can’t do lies in my personal life. I can’t.”

Alex flopped back on to the bed and I laid down and propped my head up on my hand. I smiled down at him. “Being a con man doesn’t bother me. As long as you aren’t conning me or the people I love, then you can do it.”

Alex sighed, “I can’t do what I did. One of the main tools I used is off the plate.”

“Sex?” I grinned down at the love of my life, “You being monogamous for me?”

Alex smirked and grabbed my shirt and pulled me down on top of him pressing his lips to mine hungrily. I missed you. Alex thought at me.

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