As my story is written we are finding prophecy to be part of the world. Something I despise with all my heart. My life is not written. My life is mine.

I know I go on and on about prophecy and fate and destiny. The harbinger of my life. And I’m not the writer, I get to live through the hell AJ creates, but I can say at least I’m not one of George RR Martin’s characters in Game of Thrones right?

But this is a story that does prophecy right. I admire it.

Syfy Wire writes a good article about it all. If you’ve not seen the series then I suggest you don’t read the article.

The very last paragraph resonates with what I believe of prophecy.

Every character sees themselves as the hero of their own story. That’s why the ones who hear these pronouncements (Jaehaerys, Rhaegar, Cersei, Daenerys) always failed to understand what they’ve been shown. In the world of Westeros, all prophecies do is mess with people’s heads. The answer is never the one anyone sees coming.

AJ has a lot of hard times coming for me. One actually plays to the first line of that article, and to a writing prompt she saw – or a quote or something

Everyone is the villain in someone’s story.

This includes me. Somewhere in some one’s story I’m the bad guy. I know hard to fathom right? But AJ’s going to write that next. That will probably be the next arc of my story. My becoming is almost done. AJ’s hoping to finish the story by July and work on something else fun and not canon. But fun.