The First Vestige

Tomorrow is the last bit of Taking back Erebus (formerly The Children of Morpheus or The Nightmare’s Children).

So we’ll continue straight into the First Vestige which is book 3 of The Third Ascendant arc. AJ’s busily working on book 4 which is The Power of Three.

There are plans for an additional 4 books after that, however, first AJ is going to edit and try to release the books to ebook (and maybe print). So you might have to deal with my rambling while she edits. I don’t think we’ll be sharing that process since the story won’t be changing hopefully any drastically and it’ll give you a reason to pick up the ebook.

ANYWAY, starting Wednesday we’ll be on to book 3.

Shadowhunters on TV ended this week. AJ saw Avengers: End Game, and Game of Thrones is throwing us some heartache too. It’s been a rough crying season for AJ. We will miss Alec and Magus, Matthew Daddario and Harry Shum Jr, did great jobs of portraying our favorite characters. Look forward to their next adventures.



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