Demon Free

We stayed until the demon was nothing but ash that blew away on the wind scattered to the far reaches of my mind. Phobetor was dead, I wondered if that meant anything for me.

Alex took my hand and we stepped out of the dream together. I gasped from the puppy pile and everyone yelped as I sat up. I hugged them all. But it was the blue eyed man lying next to me staring up at the hugging that I couldn’t look away from. I leaned down and peppered Alex’s face with kisses, whispering, “Thank you, I love you.” Over and over again until Alex leaned up and caught my lips with his own.

Hunter wrapped his arms around my back and hugged me tight. Matt pressed his hand to my back, and the twins followed as they left. Cass pressed her face to the same spot and Rider carted her off. Laker and Matt tried to pry Hunter from me but he cried and clutched tired. Alex shooed them away. “He’s fine, leave him alone.” And when they left the two vampires who were silently standing in the room followed them out shutting the door behind them.

I pried my son off of me and pulled him between me and Alex. I expected a smart comment but Alex pressed a kiss to his head. He’s just a little you. I can’t say no to him either.

I pressed a kiss to Alex’s lips and hummed softly. This is going to straighten out our kink.

Alex laughed. A sound I loved to hear. I added out loud, “But we’ll figure it all out.”

Alex laid back and put his hands behind his head and I curled up next to him and Hunter curled up between us. “Are you sure this is okay?”

Alex grabbed my chin and nodded, “Yes. You always said you like to wait. He was having a rough time while you were gone.” He kissed me hard and fast, “And now that you are demon free, we have our dreams. I can feel you baby. As soon as he died, you were in my head, pulling at me like a…” Alex trailed off with a soft laugh. “Kids present.”

I bit my bottom lip and Alex groaned, “Let’s take a nap pretty boy. Hunter is already on his way there.”

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