Unexpected Guests

Alex sat at the bar while I started breakfast and Vin stood by the door. “Is this your normal wake up time?”

I shrugged. “I have no idea what time it is. I’m starving so it doesn’t really matter.”

Alex held a finger up and pulled out my watch. “Before they moved you I grabbed the watch, I didn’t want it to go into a pile of things and get lost.”

I held out my wrist and Alex carefully placed his watch back on my wrist where it belonged. “Much better.” He held up the leather bracelet as well. “This one too.”

I grinned at him and held out the other wrist for him to tie it back in place.

“You two are sickeningly sweet.” Vin rolled his eyes.

Ant was there like he’d come from no where, but there were no shadows shining, he had to come through the door. “Aren’t they? You have guests.”

“I thought you said Vin couldn’t walk in the sun?” I asked. And then I had the oh yeah, special glass.

He smiled at me. “It’s weird feeling the suns rays on my skin without burning. It took a while before I could actually stand it.”

Behind Ant was Sage and Dee – and chocolate cake. Dee put the cake on the counter, but Sage was already around the counter and wrapping his arms around me tightly. “I was so worried.” He looked at Alex and then immediately dropped his arms and took a step back. “I’m so….”

Alex laughed. “It’s alright. I get it. And I can hear your thoughts are pure.” He tapped his head. “But if they aren’t…” Alex threatened a little.

Sage blushed. “I know how he feels I won’t push. I promise and I won’t pry,” he added as a second thought “We are just in time for breakfast.” Sage sat down next to Alex with a smile “You are going to be so well fed I’m jealous.”

“I’m going to get fat,” Alex joked.

“I won’t let you babe,” I said as I uncovered the cake and started cutting it.

“What are you doing?” Alex asked.

“It’s my favorite cake,” I said as I plated a small slice. Sage and Dee were laughing.

Dee put her hands on Alex’s shoulders. “Oh, you’ll soon learn.”

“Learn what?”

“Nox does things backwards,” Dee said as she rounded the counter and took a fork from the plate and cut off a piece of my cake. I was about to say something when she offered it to me and I greedily took the fork. “Why have desert last? is his philosophy. If it’s that good why wait?”

Alex scoffed, “For two reasons; one you haven’t even had breakfast yet, and second it’ll ruin your appetite.”

I shook my head. “Not if you don’t over indulge.” I did my best Homer impression as I tasted the decadent chocolate cake with the perfect amount of icing and cake crumb. I leaned in to kiss Dee and saw darkness. I took a step back and stumbled. I fell backwards failing my arms trying to catch myself, but Dee caught me by the t-shirt and pulled me close with super human strength she did not posses and kissed me.

It sounded like a train rushed through us and then there was nothing but darkness.

It was still dark when I heard the laughter in the darkness. It was distant at first and grew louder. The voice was gravely like a madman’s. A red glow shown in the darkness and I lost all feeling in my body. My heart raced and I couldn’t breath. The voice reminded of my nightmare. There were no eyes just a red glow.

And then I saw the colors bloom in long tentacles made of light only I could see. I froze in place and it laughed. “So, so easy.” A wall of air slammed into me and I was spread prone and couldn’t breathe from the impact. The words echoed Alex, but it wasn’t him, he wasn’t an asshole. And this was hardly sex.

“You’re mind always goes to your dream walker, but he can’t get here,” the voice said, “You are mine now. This body is mine, you are mine.” And he laughed that cheezy maniacal laughter laugh that every evil villain on TV did. And then the pain started, each blow ripping skin from my body. “You will scream forever!”

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