Happy Reunion

I was hot, almost too hot, when I woke from the forced dream state. Alex had smirked at me as we kissed, but didn’t do anything else lest I moved while the doc was stabbing me. The simple thought had made my heart race until Alex kissed me again to soothe my nerves.

I woke to a pile of kids around us. Hunter was wedged between us and Cass was nestled under Alex’s other arm. Drake was laying on top of me, Rider was curled up behind me, and Laker and Matt on the other side. I had a feeling this was the normal situation.

Alex spoke in my head, Usually Rider’s over here with Cass. But he wanted to be near you.

You were only half with me?

Alex smiled. Tried to make sure you held still.

“How long?”

From the shadows of the room Ant spoke softly. “After Alex knocked you out and Doc was done we figured letting you wake naturally was best, so three hours? Maybe a little more.”

Rider groaned and shushed us. We were being too loud. Ant laughed. “What do you know of what has happened?”

“Not much. Alex let me in on some.”

“You up for the whole story?”

I shook my head. “Can I sleep a few more hours with my family, maybe get some breakfast with them?”

Ant nodded. “I’ll leave Vincent at your door. I trust him.”

“To do what?” I asked.

“To keep you all safe.”

“What training has he had?” I asked curiously.

“Not enough for you, but we’ll remedy that. I don’t have the resources my mother does. Vin is good.” He pushed open the door and a tall vampire walked in, his long hair was pulled back into a pony tail and the rest was shaved on the sides.

“So I’m getting bodyguards now?”

“You all will have some until we get things situated. Especially right now while you are still healing.”

I lit the room up in a chaotic symphony of lights and the elements with a smile. “I’m good.”

“Still. I’d rather you not have to kill anyone. Vin can do that for you. We’ll talk after breakfast.”

Alex laughed. “He’s even stiffer than usual.”

I snuggled up against Alex and pulled the little one up higher so he nestled between us better. “I get the impression it’s a lot more dangerous than you told me.”

Sleep came for real. And I dreamt of Alex. We explored my dreamscape together and now that I wasn’t missing things this was true. It’s just like the picture. Alex had commented as we walked.

I didn’t want to wake up but the urge to go to the bathroom was too much. Which was probably a good sign things were on the mend. I had no idea where it was so I stayed sleeping a little longer I really need to go. I thought and Alex frowned.

If I don’t I’ll burst. I said and Alex laughed and he winked out of the dream and I tried to follow, it wasn’t as easy for me as it was for him. But I woke up to the smell of my family resting with me and my body pressed against my son which was probably not a good place for him to be.

I shifted away from Rider and Hunter and Alex followed me down the foot of the bed where he pulled me close and kissed me. “You do realize this really limits sex for us right?”

I smirked. “We’ll find the time I promise.” I pressed a kiss to his lips “Where is the bathroom?”

Alex laughed and he opened the door and revealed my own personal space, well ours. I hoped he was staying with me.

“I’m staying. But I’m not selling my apartment.”

“I wouldn’t want you to,” I said as I closed the door behind me. Alex’s admission lightened my heart and brightened my soul.

I glanced at my features in the mirror when I was cleaning up. I still looked pale and hollow like I’d been asleep for a while with no real food in my system. But I walked out of the bathroom to find Vin standing inside waiting for me. Alex was no where to be seen.

“He went to the kitchen. I’ll take you there.”

I sighed. “Thanks. Why am I in the Night Life building?”

“Because my master thinks its safer for you and the doc was here.”

“Why are you watching me?”

“Ant says that until you make a decision where you will be living you are his charge. The Venatori might come, they might not. But Ant’s kiss is far smaller than most because he doesn’t make new vampires.”

“I know that, but why you?”

Vin shrugged. “He trusts me. And my former master trusted me with her life so I can be trusted to keep you safe.

“Who was your former master?” I asked curiously.

“Aurora DeJesus. You know her?”

I smiled. “I know of her. Ant speaks highly of her, almost like a mother to me. You kept him safe when he was a boy?”

Vin nodded. “I was his nurse maid more often than I liked.”

I grinned at the very old vampire. “So you are used to babysitting us babies.” I walked into the kitchen with Vin behind me Alex was in the kitchen. “You cooking?”

Alex looked up. “I’m making coffee. And laying out stuff for you to make. I’m being helpful.”

I grinned and walked to my boyfriend and pressed a kiss to his lips softly. “I’m famished.”

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