The Fall

I chased the demon inhabited body to the roof. Garrett stood near the edge looking down. It had been years since I’d been up here. The rush of air against my skin, the lack of oxygen in my lungs, the fucking paralyzing fear coursing through my body with each step I took closer to the edge. It had been years since I jumped, since this place had been my sanctuary. And Garret’s dark eyes stared at me with a smirk. “I can see why you like it up here.”

“Why do you make me see the same thing over and over?” I asked.

“B cause this man, this body, what he did to you, when he did it to you has been like ambrosia. Your fear. Delectable,” it said not in Garrett’s voice.

“How many times the nightmare tried something new, but nothing ever came as close as this. It saddens me you took the ingenious one from me. Taking you away from him was a stroke of genius. And the pain and fear was so much more glorious. But you never break. Stubborn child, but I will have you. One way or another. In the living world or the underworld. You are mine.”

He spoke like he knew me well and I supposed he did, feeding on my fears. But he didn’t let me think on it with each step closer to the edge we went until his feet hit the wall and he smirked. “I ask of you, dear rising one, what will you choose. Justifiable death, or to save an innocent soul?” He climbed up onto the side of the wall and looked over the edge.

My breath caught in my throat as the demon took a step off the ledge. It was only a second, but in that second before Garrett plunged to the ground, I saw the demon leave the body, and as that first rush of falling hit Garrett he screamed, “Save me.”

It was an eight second drop and waiting meant life or death. There was no hesitation as I bolted to the edge and dove over it into a free fall. I heard Alex yelling my name, with Ant beside him. But I had to focus on the 6 seconds I had left. I built the walls around me, thickened the air around myself and Garrett. I slowed the momentum but I raced to him, and I grabbed his outstretched fingers and pulled him to me. Held him against me while I flipped over and softened the incoming ground as we fell. The air still thick around us it was hard to breathe. But gasping for breath was better than death at least that was what I told myself up until the moment we crashed into the ground below. Bone shattering, crushing feeling of all life being pushed from your body. And then there was nothing but darkness…

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